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BJU Press Open House October 2011

About the 2011 Webcast

Originally broadcasted Thursday, October 6, 2011, the Open House was a live webcast from BJU Press Distance Learning offering a glimpse inside the world of BJU Press . This is an opportunity to meet the Distance Learning instructors and learn about our educational philosophy. The broadcast also features some of the authors and artists who produce the content for our textbooks.

Monique Cook, the mother of four beautiful daughters and a veteran homeschool mom, hosted this year's event. Monique works for BJU Press as the National Homeschool Representative. She offers her practical homeschool insights as she travels the nation.

BJU Press Open House September 2010

About the 2010 Webcast

Learn more about BJU Press’s quality Christian educational program, commitment to biblical integration and teaching for comprehension with the BJU Press Distance Learning Open House.

Originally broadcasted Thursday, September 23, 2010, the Open House was a live webcast that provided homeschoolers the unique opportunity to interact personally with their BJU Press Distance Learning instructors during a question-and-answer period.

Monique Cook, an experienced homeschool mom of four, co-hosted the webcast with Gary Moore, the former host of “Help at Home Live.” Monique is also the new host for CHART online seminars—practical training for Christian parents—and provides a wealth of hands-on schooling experience.

Additionally, the webcast included an interview with Bob Jones University representative Jeremy West, in which he explained the college-level courses available through BJU Online. Parents of high school students interested in advance preparation for college will find this section of the webcast especially helpful.

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