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Ordering Info | Distance Learning Online

Order Distance Learning OnlineYou may now order for the 2015-2016 school year. Your textbooks will be shipped right away. You and the children you've enrolled in BJU Press Distance Learning Online will receive an email from BJU Press Distance Learning Online within 1 to 2 business days regarding login information for the online courses which will be available June 1, 2015.

What to Order

Full Grade Kits

Full grade Online kits are available for K4-grade 8 with or without textbooks. See pricing chart for pricing information. The price includes parental and student access to registered courses for a full term (ending December 31, 2016), all essential textbooks for that grade, and all teacher-prepared handouts. Kits do not include printed Teacher's Editions, but abridged Teacher's Editions are available online in PDF format for free. If you would prefer printed Teacher's Editions, you can purchase the entire set for your grade kit for $100 by calling Customer Service. After the term ends, you will no longer have access to the courses online, but the textbooks are yours to keep.

Full Grade Kits with Substitutions

Distance Learning Online also allows for up to 2 substitutions, meaning that for a child who is on different grade levels in a given subject, you may move up or down by up to two grade levels for a maximum of 2 subjects. For example, you may order a 3rd grade kit, but choose 2nd grade math and 4th grade science if those align better with your child’s level. Pricing is the same as the standard Full Grade Kit.


Bible and Foreign Language electives are available for grades 7-12 at no additional charge. However, you may choose not to receive electives if you wish.

Subject Kits

Subject kits are available for grades 1-12. Prices vary by subject. The price includes parental and student access to the registered course for the school term, all essential textbooks, and teacher prepared handouts. Subject kits do not include printed Teacher's Editions, but abridged Teacher's Editions are available online in PDF format for free. If you prefer a printed Teacher's Edition, you may purchase it separately.

Shipping/handling is 4% in the United States. For orders in Canada and Puerto Rico, please contact Customer Service.

Before you order any of our kits, please read our terms and conditions.

You may also find our FAQs helpful

Discounts and Payment Options


Multi-Kit Discount

Order 2 or more Distance Learning grade kits (K5–grade 12) and save $50 on each kit when you pay in full. Only grade-level kits with video and textbooks qualify.

Purchase 3 or more subject kits with books (grades 1–12) and receive 25% off each kit.

Payment Plan

On orders of $499 or more, you can pay 30% up front and the rest in six equal, no-interest payments on your credit card. See terms and conditions for more information.

How to Order

Order online for quicker processing and greater convenience.

Order by phone. Call 800.845.5731.

Additional Materials

We also offer resource materials. To view and/or order them online, go to Textbooks and select the grade/subject you’re interested in.

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