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FAQs - Curriculum

Reading & Writing

Reading: What types of comprehension does our Reading program emphasize?

  1. Literal: locate and recall information from reading
  2. Appreciative: emotional reaction to what is read
  3. Interpretative: drawing inferences about what the author meant
  4. Critical: evaluating the rightness or wrongness of what the author said

Handwriting: What is PreCursive handwriting?

PreCursive handwriting uses a natural slant rather than straight lines and circles, which makes transition to cursive much easier and more natural for children. This form was developed by BJU Press and is similar to D'Nealian.


Kindergarten: What will my child be able to do at the end of K5?

  1. tell a story by following a sequence of pictures
  2. recognize the letters of the alphabet, both uppercase and lowercase
  3. distinguish auditorily each of the basic sounds that have been introduced
  4. identify rhyming words
  5. control his handwriting well enough to track lines within boundaries
  6. concentrate during a listening story and answer questions following the story
  7. take his turn when all your children are doing an activity or having a discussion
  8. wait quietly for you to answer his question or help him, if those are the stipulated guidelines
  9. repeat and follow simple instructions
  10. formulate a short sentence in his mind, dictate it, and read it once it is written down
  11. do simple enrichment or reinforcement activities independently without disturbing your other children
  12. with guidance, use letter/sound association to read silently a short sentence that contains words with single consonants, short vowels, and a few common sight words
  13. answer a comprehension question about such a sentence after reading it silently
  14. read such a sentence orally with guidance
  15. collaborate with peers to evaluate information

What is the difference between JourneyForth and JourneyForth Academic?

JourneyForth Academic is an imprint of BJU Press that publishes scholarly works from an informed Fundamentalist perspective. It also works in conjunction with Bob Jones University Seminary and Graduate School of Religion to publish works by the Seminary's faculty and graduates. JourneyForth is the imprint for our children and young adult fiction and non-fiction titles.

How do I know what my students should be learning for each subject or grade?

is a curriculum overview that highlights the material in our textbooks as well as the skills that your students should be learning for each subject and grade.

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