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Episode 1: Homeschooling Multiple Grades

With HomeWorks by Precept consultant Jennifer Lont



Ben Davis introduces our first homeschool guide, Jennifer Lont, to share tips and advice on homeschooling with multiple children in multiple grades. It’s important to approach your homeschool journey like a one-room schoolhouse rather than a typical classroom. Tips in this episode focus on cutting down on chaos so you can have successful and smooth learning experiences with your children. Jennifer’s two key strategies are checking in and out and minimizing interruptions.

Checking in and out means giving a child your undivided attention until they can work independently before moving on to the next child. Keep checking in and checking out with your children throughout the day to address any blocks or questions. Use check-in time to create a plan for work, review confusing concepts, or even grade work.

Helping children learn not to always rely on you for answers is also beneficial. If children learn to solve problems on their own, they can keep working without distracting you from another child’s instruction. But if they’re genuinely stuck, they need other things to work on while they wait for you. If they can’t find something they need, they can write it down so you can get it for them without interrupting their work.

Main Points

  1. Checking in and Checking out
    1. Plan.
    2. Remediate.
    3. Grade.
  2. Minimizing Interruptions
    1. Encourage independent problem-solving.
    2. Provide independent activities.
    3. Create an “I need” list.

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