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Homeschool Online Testing User Agreement

The user acknowledges that the DataManager™ testing platform should remain secure and agrees to the following conditions of use to ensure the test and the program’s security:


  • Tests may be used only for homeschooled students.
  • A secure setting must be used for testing, whether this is the secure browser, student testing app, or the settings on the device used. Using an unsecured route is a violation of this contract.
  • The remote proctor is responsible for knowing the scheduled test time (listed in Eastern Time) and taking time zone considerations into account so that the student can gain timely access to the test. Students not logged in at the scheduled time may forfeit their testing session for that day.
  • For each test session, allow sufficient time for logging the student into the system and managing potential technical issues.
  • The remote proctor must actively monitor each student’s testing progress. If the student is unexpectedly logged out or any testing anomalies occur, the remote proctor is responsible for contacting their BJU Press Test Administrator. Any issues left unaddressed may result in the forfeiting of test time.
  • The remote proctor is responsible for ensuring that the student only takes breaks at the scheduled times for the designated length. Any unscheduled or prolonged breaks may result in forfeiting test time. The remote proctor is to contact the BJU Press Test Administrator if an emergency arises.
  • Due to the group setting for online tests, students must finish subtests within the allotted times for K5–Grade 2.
  • Parents of students in K5–Grade 2 who do not finish will have the choice between moving on without completing the subtest or completing subtests separately for an extra $30 per hour or part of an hour.
  • Remote proctors may not give any assistance during testing.
    • The Reading and Vocabulary subtests may not be read aloud to the student.
    • Math manipulatives and calculators are not allowed aside from those provided by the DataManager testing platform. Accommodations are not currently available with online testing. If you need to use accommodations, please speak with us before proceeding.
    • Scratch paper is prohibited on the CogAT® Form 7 Verbal and Non-Verbal Batteries.
  • The remote proctor must be available via the agreed-upon contact method.


  • Public school students are prohibited from taking these tests or gaining access to them from any source other than their school.
  • If selecting a remote proctor other than a parent, parents agree to share student name and birthdate with that remote proctor for administration purposes.
  • The BJU Press Test Administrator will initiate all testing sessions.
  • Each student should log into the DataManager testing platform using his or her unique student ID number and session code to take the test.
  • Without exception, students must log off the DataManager testing platform before removing a testing device from the room.
  • Test results are typically posted on your account (electronically) within 10 business days after testing is complete.
  • For test validity purposes, this student should not use any achievement test instrument three months before or after this test administration.


  • The user acknowledges that DataManager is a secure program and agrees to the following conditions of use to ensure the test and program’s security:
    • Tests are secure and confidential. Tests may not be viewed by anyone other than the student and administrator/remote proctor. Content may not be discussed with parents, students, or other individuals before, during, or afterwards.
    • User agrees to ensure that no student is using a device (including computers, cameras, cell phones, etc.) to access information.
    • Screen capture, photos, or other reproduction of test content is a breach of copyright and will be treated as such.
    • No user will disclose or allow to be disclosed the contents of the test instrument (Iowa Assessments Form E Online and/or CogAT Form 7).
    • Use the appropriate software for the device:
      • MacBook/PCSecure Browser
      • iPad—DataManager App
      • ChromebookRiverside DataManager App

Noncompliance Penalty

  • The remote proctor will inform BJU Press staff of any violations of test security, allowing BJU Press to enforce disciplinary procedures.
  • Authorization for test use shall be void if the Homeschool Online Testing User Agreement is not signed prior to the test date.


  1. I have read and agree to the above User Agreement and verify that all tests are for the students as designated above.
  2. I understand and agree to follow all policies and procedures specified for these tests.
  3. I understand the specified technical requirements and have completed the technical readiness checks   necessary for online testing.
    • I agree to use secure settings for testing (either the specific browser or the settings on my device). I understand that using an unsecured route is a violation of this contract.
  4. I acknowledge that this electronic signature is legally binding.
  5. I recognize that BJU Press does not refund online testing if canceled two weeks (or less) before the stated test date.


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