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The Dark Side of the Internet

cover of The Dark Side of the Internet


This guide is grown from the breadth of Rand Hummel’s experience counselling with teens whose lives have been affected by their own or a parent’s abuse of the Internet. It includes seven original essays on broader issues dealing with the Christian, the world, and culture.

  • "Christians in Cyberspace: A Biblical Perspective"—Dr. Lovegrove is on the science faculty at Bob Jones University. This brief article provides a bit of background about what the Internet is and suggests some ways of handling Internet problems.
  •—Accountability for internet users.
  •—A site dedicated to combating Internet pornography and its effects.
  • Integrity Online—An internet provider that makes "clean browsing" a priority.
  • Mount Calvary Baptist Church—Here is an example of one church’s Internet policy. This may be helpful for those seeking to establish guidelines for their congregations.
  • Virtual Salt—A great site of useful links for Christians with questions about the world around them. See especially items under the headings, "Internet Related Items" and "Tools for the Age of Knowledge."

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