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Heritage Studies 4, 3rd ed.

Heritage 4, 3rd ed. by BJU Press (textbook cover image)

Heritage Studies 4, 3rd ed. Resources

About Heritage Studies 4, 3rd ed.

Heritage Studies 4, 3rd ed., is a colorful, age-appropriate presentation of social studies that integrates government, culture, economics, and geography, all presented from a Christian worldview. Heritage Studies 4 chronologically covers United States history from the beginning of America through World War II, and the lessons include seven chapters on the regions of the United States. Each chapter includes stunning art, maps, timelines, graphs, photos, and quick-check questions. Some chapters have an extended activity and biographies to enhance learning. A guided state-report project is suggested.


Replacement Pages

A correction to the map on pages 260 and 264 of the student text.


Minor Corrections

Errata for Heritage Studies 4, 3rd ed., Student Textpdf document

Errata for Heritage Studies 4, 3rd ed., Teacher's Editionpdf document

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