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Unit One: The Ancient World: Creation-500 BC | World History

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Chapter 1 Foundations of World History

The Beginnings of World History

  • Answers in Genesis—An amazing site dedicated to creation research and questions based on the Bible
  • Institute for Creation Research—Websites states that this group has "equipped believers with evidence of the Bible's accuracy and authority through scientific research, educational programs, and media presentations, all conducted within a thoroughly biblical framework"; includes devotionals from the "Days of Praise" daily devotional; see also Evidence for Creation
  • “Lucy—She's no lady”—video lecture available at Answers in Genesis
  • Evolution? Impossible!—rebuttal against evolution, available at Answers in Genesis; also includes links to other related subjects
  • Noah's Ark—a boat-load of questions and answers about Noah's ark

Chapter 2: Early Civilizations

Fertile Crescent



Asian Civilizations

  • Hinduism—Answers In Genesis: What is Hinduism
  • A Chinese Christian Critique of Confucianism—China Source: Has many articles on evaluating the religions of China through a Biblical worldview, “A window into Christianity in China and the key issues that impact the church.”
  • Buddhism—Origin and teachings of this religion, information from PBS
  • Lao Tzu—Teachings of the founder of Taoism
  • China Online Museum—High-resolution pictures of paintings, artifacts, and calligraphy from the Shang, Zhou, and Han dynasties and cultural information.

Readings on the Ancient World

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