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Pathways for Preschool

Pathways for Preschool

Pathways for Preschool is a well-balanced program for K2 and K3. Preschoolers will have lots of fun as they meet daily with their animal friends at the Big Red Barn. Each activity and concept in the program is research-based and developmentally appropriate. Interactive circle times help children learn, grow, and have fun! The Teacher’s Edition includes lesson plans and activities for each age, offering wonderful flexibility.

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The Pathways Package

Teacher's Edition

The Pathways for Preschool Teacher's Edition is a delightful one-volume collection of ideas for circle times, songs, rhymes, games, crafts, and centers. The book includes activities that promote prereading skills with phonemic awareness and letter recognition. It also includes math, social studies, and science segments as well as optional advanced segments for math and phonics. Pathways for Preschool is a 12-month program with lessons that can be easily adapted to any schedule from 2–5 days per week.

At the beginning of each lesson, the skills promoted in the lesson are listed for easy reference. Color-coded headings identify the different types of activities, while a special icon identifies more advanced activities.

a child learning to cook a pumpkin

The activities promote

  • Prereading and language expression skills
  • Counting, sorting, and sequencing
  • Beginning science observation
  • Introductory social studies awareness
  • Child-friendly cooking and craft skills
  • Shape and color recognition

Teaching Visuals

The Teaching Visuals packet includes engaging charts that are big enough for children to see yet easy for teachers to handle. These charts and visuals introduce themes, shapes, colors, numbers, letters, and nursery rhymes. Colorful shape manipulatives may be punched out to help children understand pre-math concepts, such as counting, sorting, and patterning. This packet also includes the pieces that, when assembled, form the large, interactive Big Red Barn used in teaching time. Punch-out figures for all the friends in the barnyard may be made into stick puppets. Every day when the children open the barn doors, they will find a shape in Clara Cow's milk pail, a number on one of the eggs in Hattie Hen's nest, a colored water bowl for Barnabas Kitten, or a letter in Pinky Pig's feeding trough.

Activity Packet

The Activity Packet contains theme-related pages of activities and crafts. Children learn to trace, match, cut, and color to reinforce the skills and concepts from the lessons. Three pages of stickers add to the fun.

Little Green Frog and Other Hoppy Tunes

The Little Green Frog and Other Hoppy Tunes CD includes traditional and original children's songs for singing, movement, and listening.

Lesson Example

Pathways for Preschool makes themed learning easy for you and your children. Let's say that it's fall, and the lesson is about leaves.

a child examining a leaf with a microscope

Activities could include

  • Discussion questions as the children learn that God made the trees, the leaves, and the seasons
  • Songs, rhymes, and fingerplays about leaves
  • An Activity Page to help children recognize the shape of the letter "L"
  • Leaf games to play, such as "Drop the Leaf"
  • A nature walk activity to collect leaves
  • An observation activity, looking at leaves with magnifying glasses
  • Art activities, including leaf rubbings and sponge painting leaves on a fall mural
  • Counting and sorting activities with leaves


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