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Spelling 1, 2nd ed.

Spelling 1, 2nd ed. by BJU Press (textbook cover image)

Spelling 1, 2nd ed. Resources

About Spelling 1, 2nd ed.

Spelling 1 focuses on application through studying generalizations (word families) and using spelling as a communication tool. Enjoyable guided activities help your student learn word structure and dictionary skills.

Spelling Score Chart for first grade

Encourage your child to maintain high spelling scores by using The Spelling Score Chart. This chart serves as a visual motivation for the child to study hard each week and allows him to readily view his progress throughout the year.

Score High! pdf document

Description: This is an optional chart. It is useful for a student to record individual progress on final tests.

Directions: Each week identify the total number of words spelled correctly on the final test. Direct each child to record this information on the pictograph by coloring one shell for each correct word beginning at the bottom of the column. The numbers across the bottom of the two graphs are the weekly unit numbers and review unit numbers.

Note: These graphs may be used as long as the number of words does not exceed 10 for unit tests and 13 for review tests.

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