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Special Education at Home

“When my husband and I first contemplated home schooling our son with Down syndrome, we were overwhelmed. Even though I had taught many children to read, could I teach my son with special needs? Didn’t he need a teacher with special training in this area? What curriculum would I use?”(excerpted from Teaching a Child with Down Syndrome: In the Beginning)

You may also be overwhelmed with the prospect of educating your special-needs child. The author of the above quote, did it. And so can you. Although your child may not have the same mental, emotional, or physical abilities of his peers, God has equipped him with everything he needs to best glorify God. BJU Press believes that students need to be taught to use whatever abilities God has given them to God’s glory. Although BJU Press does not offer a special-education curriculum, its experienced homeschool consultants (800.845.5731) would be happy to talk with you about ways in which our curriculum may be adjusted and supplemented to meet the special needs of your child. They can also help you locate someone in your area that does diagnostic testing. We want to make your homeschooling experience a success, so contact us today.


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