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Recommended Books on Special Education

General Special Needs

Fuller, Cheri, and Louise Tucker Jones. Extraordinary Kids: Nuturing and Championing Your Child with Special Needs. Tyndale, 1998.

Morris, Lisa Rappaport, and Linda Schulz. Creative Play Activities for Children with Disabilities.  Human Kinetics, 1989.

Musselwhite, Caroline Ramsey. Adaptive Play for Special Needs Children: Strategies to Enhance Communication and Learning. College-Hill, 1986.

Rosner, Jerome. Helping Children Overcome Learning Difficulties. Walker, 1999.

Rosenberg, Michael S. and Irene. The Special Education Sourcebook: A Teacher’s Guide to Programs, Materials, and Information Sources. Woodbine House, 1994.

Sutton, Joe, ed. Special Education: A Biblical Approach. Emerald House, 1997.

Sutton, Joe P. and Connie. Strategies for Struggling Learners.
(this book is out of print)

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)

Martin, Grant. The Attention Deficit Child: What You Need to Know About Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder-Facts, Myths, and Treatment. Chariot Victor, 1998.

Intellectual Disability

Dougan, Isbell and Vyas. We Have Been There. Abington Press, 1983.

Physical Disabilities

Dunn, John M., and Carol Leitschuh. Special Physical Education. Kendall/Hunt, 2005.

Reading Difficulties

Heilman, Arthur W., Blair, Timothy R., and William H. Rupley. Principles and Practices of Teaching Reading. Prentise Hall, 2001.


Vaughn, John and Brenda. More Precious than Gold. Fleming H. Revell, 1994.

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