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Customer Feedback & Testimonials

Every year, homeschoolers around the world write to tell us how much they enjoyed BJU Press textbooks and to suggest ways that we can improve. We value this feedback and use it in the development of new products to ensure that our textbooks and Distance Learning options continue to meet your needs.

As a BJU Press customer, you help us maintain quality and improve usability even as we strengthen and enhance your homeschool experience. Our goal is to partner with you in training the next generation to serve Christ.

Check out what your fellow homeschoolers are saying about BJU Press.

“[I was] looking online for new homeschool curriculum. I was so impressed I purchased all the topics except Science—only because I had just purchased a Science program.”
-Carrie from WA

“We love the material. It is what I tell everyone to use if they want to be sure they are covering everything.”
-Tami from WA

“Your material was more in-depth and more fun to learn. My son thought geography was boring in the past, but now it is his favorite subject.”
-Kristie from TN

“I am confident that this will adequately prepare my students in facts, understanding, and application to real-life problems. The newly designed art is very appealing without being busy!”
-Jocelyn from VA

“My oldest son told my younger son as he began this course, ‘Just read the examples; they are very clear.’”
-Cynthia from CA (Algebra 1)

“The hard work that your staff puts into the teacher's editions as well as the student material is quite evident every time I open a book. God bless you all!”
-Beverly from TN

“I love the beautiful pictures, illustrations, charts, etc. The text is so pleasing to the eye.”
-Moira from AZ

“As Christians, studying science without the biblical integration is pointless. BJUP Science has been our favorite so far. My kids actually remember information because the writing is interesting.”
-Katie from ID

“Not focused on memorizing, but focused on each child fully understanding each lesson, which is much more valuable to us!”
-Amy from VA


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