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FAQs - After Testing

How should I return materials?

  1. Test booklets, directions, answer documents, and signed Student Roster should be returned, whether used or unused, within 21 days of the test date.
  2. Return materials via an insured and traceable carrier (UPS, other private service, or USPS insured mail). When losses or damages occur, claims are generally handled more easily through UPS or another private-delivery service.
  3. Multiple shipments may be combined for return.
  4. If you are holding any test(s) for completion, please include a note of explanation and keep a copy of the Student Roster to return with your later shipment.
  5. You can also read this article for more tips on testing materials and shipping.

Do you offer any refunds?

Generally, unused testing items qualify for a 75% refund. For more information on testing refunds, please see our return policy.

What if my courier doesn't want to insure the materials?

In rare cases, couriers may claim that they “do not insure paper.” However, all couriers do insure stocks, bonds, event tickets and other valuable documents. Testing materials are nationally standardized tests and therefore are valuable documents. If you have run into this problem, please feel free to present this letter to your shipping provider.


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