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FAQs - Before Ordering

Why do I have to submit a student's name, birthdate, and gender when placing a test order?

Entering students' demographic information will help parents to access test results more easily. In the future, this will also allow long-range reports to be created for students taking the Iowa Assessments™ (Form E).

When should I order my test?

Test dates between early March and late June

Order at least 6 weeks prior to your test date to allow adequate processing and shipping time. For those purchasing tests, we encourage ordering as early as possible. Priority shipping is available if needed. (See shipping chart for applicable fees.)

The tester will have 21 days from the test date to administer the test and return all test materials. Once we have received your completed tests and required paperwork, results will generally be available to you online within 10 business days.*

*Allow 2 extra weeks in May and June. For unusual situations, expedited scoring can be requested for an additional $40.

Test dates between July and February

Because orders generally ship within 7 business days, you will want to place your order 2 weeks prior to your anticipated test date to avoid priority shipping fees.

The tester will have 21 days from the test date to administer the test and return all test materials. Once we have received your completed tests and required paperwork, results will generally be available to you online within 10 business days.

What proof of homeschooling is required to place my order?

When ordering online, you will need to confirm your homeschooling status at that time. Before submitting your order, you will be prompted to agree to the testing-user agreement via an electronic signature; this electronic signature will be legally binding.

If ordering by phone, you will receive an email after your order is placed. The email will relay instructions as to how you can confirm your homeschooling status.

What grade level test should I order?

Generally, the test level should correspond to the current grade level of your child’s core subjects—reading, language, and math. Please refer to page 2 of the Checklist & Guidelines.

Do you offer practice materials?

Yes, we provide a variety of practice and test prep materials.

May I administer more than one achievement test to a child?

It is unethical to test the same child within a short period of time (less than three months) with

  • Multiple levels from the same publisher
  • A test from each test publisher
  • The same test level

Whether intentional or not, the first administration of a test essentially becomes a "practice test" for the subsequent test administration—a practice that is unethical and forbidden by the test publishers. If you have an unusual situation that you believe warrants special consideration or if you need further assistance in selecting the most appropriate test level, please feel free to contact us.

Should I use Stanford or Iowa Assessments™?

Both are top-rated, nationally standardized tests; however, if you desire paper/pencil testing, we strongly recommend Iowa Assessments, since the Stanford 10 paper/pencil has much longer wait times. Concerning publishers, both design tests to accomplish the same purposes. And both provide thorough results reports.

Although they are similar, there are some differences that may affect your decision (see list below). Plus, whichever test you choose, there are advantages to using the same test from year to year.

  • Stanford 10 is administered untimed; Iowa Assessments are timed.
  • The Iowa Assessments Form E is newer than the Stanford.
  • The Iowa Assessments permit a wider grade range of students to be tested at the same time.
  • Stanford tests evaluate listening skills through Grade 8; whereas, the Iowa Assessments evaluate listening skills only through Grade 3.
  • Also, the Iowa Assessments offer the Quantile® Framework for Mathematics for all grades.
  • Both tests require administrators to meet certain qualifying requirements.

How often should I use the CogAT® or OLSAT®?

It is recommended that the CogAT or OLSAT be administered every 2 to 3 years. A learning abilities test may be particularly helpful in the elementary through middle school years, in combination with an achievement test.

What does it mean when tests are "embargoed"?

Sometimes a test publisher makes an agreement with a state department of education or a local school district for exclusive use of a particular form of the test for a limited time. In these cases, BJU Press Testing & Evaluation is prohibited from shipping that particular form of the test to that area. In those situations, our customers may use the other publisher's test. View availability for Iowa Assessments Online, Iowa Assessments paper/pencil, and Stanford 10. (Information is listed under the Restrictions heading.)


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