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Testing & Evaluation

Meet Our Team

For over 30 years, Testing & Evaluation has been providing BJU Press customers with standardized tests, test support, and other assessments. Helping parents choose the best tests for their children, scoring tests for parents, and explaining test results are just a small part of what we do. And while our team has changed throughout the years, our commitment to great customer service hasn't changed. Everyone on our staff has been trained to help you have the best testing experience possible. It is very important for you to have an accurate picture of your children's education, and that is what we provide you with.

Laneita Brundage
Packing Coordinator

Serving Testing & Evaluation since 2007
12 years as a Homeschool Parent

"As a former homeschool mom who has taught a child with special needs, I know the challenges it can bring to homeschooling while teaching two other children."

Lynne Davis
Applications Coordinator

Serving Testing & Evaluation since 2014
7 years as Administrative Assistant
32 years secretarial/clerical work

"I review credentials submitted for those wishing to administer achievement tests, making sure we follow publisher's guidelines. It is wonderful to have these opportunities to be an encouragement and blessing in assisting homeschoolers and private schools with their testing and evaluation needs."

Jan Durkee
Stanford Scoring Coordinator

Serving Testing & Evaluation since 2007
2 years as a teacher
5 years as a Homeschool Parent

"I enjoy helping teachers and parents understand standardized-achievement testing and how it can assist in evaluating their students' progress."

Eugenia Hawkins
Check-In Specialist

Serving Testing & Evaluation since 2003
31 years clerical/receptionist

"It is such a blessing to talk with homeschoolers. I strive to help them out any way I can with situations or problems that may arise before testing their children. I also enjoy encouraging them and helping them to understand their test results."

Rich Kohler
Senior Manager

Serving Testing & Evaluation since 2007
10 years as a high school teacher and administrator
25 years in Christian school/Homeschool product sales and services

"The most rewarding aspect of working at Testing & Evaluation is the opportunity to provide services for families who desire to have a Christ-centered educational program for their families."

Renate Lopez
Updating Coordinator

Serving Testing & Evaluation since 2004
3 years as an Early Childhood Educational Program Director
3 years as a teacher for Grades 5 and 6
7 years as a Homeschool Parent

"I enjoy guiding parents who are homeschooling their children. Offering encouragement to them is a vital part of that process."

Susan Lucchi
Testing Supervisor

Serving Testing & Evaluation since 1992

"My job includes coordinating a lot of our printed and website information for our customers and keeping things running smoothly in our office so that we can better meet your needs. I've seen a lot of transition in this office since I first started working here!"

Joanna Lynch
Check-In Coordinator

Serving Testing & Evaluation since 1998

"Working with homeschool families and private schools is such a joy! My co-workers call me "Sherlock" because I love to look up hard-to-find answers. My favorite part of the day is "meeting" parents and educators over the phone and assisting them in how to use the scores to tailor their teaching strategies."

Antonio Moyano
IT/eCommerce Coordinator

Serving Testing & Evaluation since 2013
5 years as an English/Spanish Foreign Language teacher
5 years as an Information Technologies Specialist

"Having been educated in the secular European system, I feel privileged and happy to be supporting Christian Education and homeschooling families who understand the importance of a child's heart and mind."

Sandy Perry
Check-In Specialist

Serving Testing & Evaluation since 2010
2 years as a Homeschool Parent
35 years in clerical and office management

"It’s a joy to be a part of Testing & Evaluation and to help provide great service to our customers as they go through the testing process for their children. I love being there to answer questions and to offer guidance, support, and encouragement."

Grant Pilkington
Communications Coordinator

Serving Testing & Evaluation since 2013
2 years in Student Support at BJU Online

"Testing & Evaluation has been a great way for me to help others, through both emails and phone calls. I love to hear the relief in parents’ voices when they have confirmation that their children are doing well."

Sharon Rael
Iowa Scoring Coordinator

Serving Testing & Evaluation since 2007
2 years as a CSR

"The position I hold in Testing & Evaluation is a ministry to which the Lord called me. My responsibilities include scoring test documents and providing test results to homeschool and private school customers."

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