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Chemistry Subject Kit (4th ed.)

Chemistry Subject Kit (4th ed.)

Introduce your child to the study of chemistry with the Chemistry educational materials from BJU Press. Chemistry is designed as a high-school level survey course and touches on all the major areas involving chemistry. Your child will gain an understanding of atomic structure, chemical composition, chemical reactions, and more. Additionally, the educational materials aims to teach students how to use the tools of chemistry to glorify God and help people. Different fields of chemistry are highlighted throughout the text to help illustrate how people can use chemistry to exercise dominion over God’s World. The educational materials also will encourage your child to get involved with the learning process by participating in labs and demonstrations in order to truly understand the concepts being presented.

The Chemistry Subject Kit contains all the items necessary to successfully teach Chemistry —6 items total. With the subject kit, you will receive a colorful Student Text, a Teacher’s Edition & CD filled with lesson plans, teaching ideas, and reduced student pages, a student lab manual for use during labs, a teacher’s edition of the lab manual, as well as the printed Tests and Tests Answer Key.

* Unless otherwise noted, kits may not have any partial returns or substitutions.
  • Author - BJU Press
  • Copyright Year - 2015
  • Edition - 4th ed.
  • Format - kit
  • Grade Level - 11
  • Publisher - BJU Press
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