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Grade 9 Complete Kit

Grade 9 Complete Kit

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In grade 9, your teen will learn about other cultures, governments, religions and strengthen his or her map skills with Cultural Geography. In Algebra 1, he or she will study polynomials, rational expressions, radicals, exponents, and more. Writing & Grammar 9 will not only teach your child about the parts of speech, sentence structures, usage rules but will also hone your child’s writing skills through a variety of writing projects. Fundamentals of Literature will introduce your child to literary criticism while providing engaging content that encourages a love for reading. Physical Science focuses on introducing your teenager to chemistry and physics and will lay the foundation for future science courses.

When you purchase a complete kit, you receive all of the essential student and teacher materials for Cultural Geography, Algebra 1, Writing & Grammar 9, Fundamentals of Literature, and Physical Science—26 products total. Not only do you save money but you also gain the strength of unified educational materials . Though choosing textbooks from many sources may seem to provide flexibility and customization, using complete educational materials from BJU Press lets students focus on learning rather than on navigating yet another perspective. BJU Press textbooks provide consistency in scriptural and academic standards—every subject, every grade. And our teacher’s editions and ancillary materials allow for generous flexibility and customization within a unified biblical worldview.

Please note that this kit is not compatible with Distance Learning.

Item # Title
294306Cultural Geography Student Activities Manual (4th ed.)
294355Cultural Geography Tests (4th ed.)
515825Cultural Geography Student Text (4th ed.)
294314Cultural Geography Activities Manual Answer Key (4th ed.)
294371Cultural Geography Tests Answer Key (4th ed.)
294348Cultural Geography Teacher's Edition with CD (4th ed., 2 vols.)
514042Fundamentals of Literature Student Text (2nd ed.; copyright update)
259994Fundamentals of Literature Tests (2nd ed.)
259986Fundamentals of Literature Teacher's Edition with CD (2nd ed., 2 vols.)
259945Fundamentals of Literature Tests Answer Key (2nd ed.)
281667Writing & Grammar 9 Student Text (3rd ed.)
227108Writing & Grammar 9 Tests (3rd ed.)
227116Writing & Grammar 9 Tests Answer Key (3rd ed.)
227157Writing & Grammar 9 Teacher's Edition with CD (3rd ed.)
516997Algebra 1 Student Text (3rd ed.; copyright update)
270611Algebra 1 Student Activities Manual (3rd ed.)
270645Algebra 1 Student Activities Manual Answer Key with CD (3rd ed.)
270561Algebra 1 Teacher's Edition with CD (3rd ed., 2 vols.)
270587Algebra 1 Tests Answer Key (3rd ed.)
270579Algebra 1 Tests (3rd ed.)
515809Physical Science Student Text (5th ed.)
290791Physical Science Teacher's Edition with CD (5th ed., 2 vols.)
290817Physical Science Teacher's Edition Lab Manual (5th ed.)
290833Physical Science Tests Answer Key (5th ed.)
290809Physical Science Student Lab Manual (5th ed.)
290825Physical Science Tests (5th ed.)
249524Vocabulary: Level C Teacher's Edition (3rd ed.)
249516Vocabulary: Level C Student Worktext (3rd ed.)
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  • Copyright Year - 2018
  • Grade Level - 9
  • Publisher - BJU Press
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