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About Us

BJU Press is a publisher of textbooks and video lessons for homeschool families. We are committed to creating materials that help parents deliver an education that is based on sound educational principles, inspires a joy in learning, and is rooted in a solid biblical worldview. We believe this approach helps children see how all learning is connected and important. As mastery and perspective increase, so does the desire to learn and create. As Proverbs 14:6 says, "knowledge is easy unto him that understandeth."


BJU Press first textbook cover, physical science
The first BJU Press Christian textbook, Physical Science, is published.

In the early 1970s, the Lord impressed two Bob Jones University science professors, George Mulfinger and Emmett Williams, with the need for high school textbooks that were both biblically and academically sound. By the time these men completed a manuscript, Dr. Bob Jones III, president of BJU, had also realized the potential for a textbook ministry. Consequently, an invitation was extended to other faculty members to "help out" at the Press in the evenings. Many responded, and the production of the first BJU Press textbook, Physical Science for Christian Schools, was underway.

Textbooks for all elementary grades are completed.
BJU Press early logo
Philosophy statement on Christian education is written.

The book Christian Education: Its Mandate and Mission presents a compelling vision of what Christian education should be. Composed of fifteen articles, it defines the purpose of Christian education and presents practical advice to help schools achieve their goals. Upon its publication, the book also established a scriptural defense of the Christian school movement and offers advice about teaching methods.

BJU Press receives its first call from a home educator.

One day a homeschool parent called BJU Press customer service, requesting to purchase textbooks. Until that time, BJU Press had sold only to Christian schools. Almost immediately a new market opened as the Press became the first publisher to respond to the needs in home education. Since then, the ministry of BJU Press to homeschool families has expanded across the nation and around the world.

Old black and white image of BJU Press test publisher holding up a test.
Testing & Evaluation is formed

With increased demand for educational accountability and progress tracking came the need for a testing service for homeschools and small private schools. BJU Press Testing & Evaluation offers a variety of reliable, nationally recognized achievement tests, as well as learning abilities test and other assessments. These testing services are fully authorized and approved by the test publishers.

The Academy of Home Education logo
The Academy of Home Education is founded.

AHE was founded in 1992 to help parents who felt uncertain about homeschooling high school students. AHE now provides one-on-one consultations, record-keeping services, transcripts, standardized testing, a high school graduation ceremony, and an official diploma for home-educated students.

The first Homeschool Helper is printed.

The Homeschool Helper newsletter supplied helpful information for the home educator, including topics such as record-keeping, state homeschool laws, teaching ideas, and more. As of fall 2009, Homeschool Helper merged with the BJU Press Homeschool Solutions eNews to become even more helpful and accessible to home educators.

BJ HomeSat logo
BJ Homesat begins broadcasts.

In 1997, BJ Homesat began developing more educational programs from the BJU Press product line. These video classes were designed specifically for homeschool families and broadcast via satellite. For twelve years, the Homesat teachers and staff produced visually appealing, academically excellent video lessons for every subject in every grade.

Distance Learning is released on DVD.

In 2003, BJU Press began to offer its award-winning Distance Learning classes on DVD. Homeschool families appreciated the convenience and flexibility of the DVD option, which allowed them to use their home DVD players and set their own schedules.

BJU Press Distance Learning Online logo
Distance Learning Online is introduced.

Introduced as "The click way to learn," Distance Learning Online became BJU Press's first online delivery option. The package included streaming online video, progress tracking features, online assessments, textbooks and other essential materials, and abridged Teacher's Editions available in PDF format.

BJU Press Homeschool Hub logo
The Homeschool Hub is established.

As a replacement for Distance Learning Online, the Homeschool Hub was introduced to customers in 2022. This online management software dramatically simplified the everyday workload of homeschool parents. All of the materials they needed for their children’s schooling were now within reach. Scheduling schoolwork, tracking critical grades, and reviewing course progress were now easier than ever.

BJU Press logo

The needs of homeschools and Christian schools have changed throughout the years, and by God's grace BJU Press has developed new products to meet those changing needs. But we still hold to our core distinctives: teaching for comprehension and discernment, supporting the teacher, and promoting the joy of learning. BJU Press is growing and changing; but most importantly, it is giving Christian educators the tools they need to teach from a biblical worldview and help young people be prepared to live a godly life. "Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth's sake." -Psalm 115:1