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Coming Summer 2023

  • a screenshot from the Heritage Studies 2 video course

    Heritage Studies 2: Community and Government

    Help your child study government, economics, culture, and more within the framework of God’s redemptive plan. This course features thoughtful instruction, memorable characters, and exciting activities to make your child’s coursework come alive.

    Learn more about Heritage Studies 2
  • a screenshot from the Science 2 video course

    Science 2

    Deepen your child’s understanding of matter and motion. This course offers science inquiries, STEM activities, and hands-on experiences to help your child grow in understanding living things.

    Learn more about Science 2
  • a screenshot from the English 3 video course

    English 3

    Sharpen your child’s communication with standard English conventions and writing skills. This course focuses on specific functions of writing and grammar to refine communication skills through practice.

    Learn more about English 3
  • a screenshot from the Math 5 video course

    Math 5

    Challenge your student to handle whole numbers, decimals, and fractions. This course helps develop your child’s pre-algebra skills and refine understanding of geometry, measurement, and data.

    Learn more about Math 5
  • a screenshot from the English 8 video course

    English 8

    Enhance your child’s communication abilities through writing and literature. This course discusses grammar concepts, expands writing abilities, and evaluates multiple genres of literature.

    Learn more about English 8
  • a screenshot from the Bible 8 video course

    Bible 8

    Lead your child through the life of Christ. This course examines the life of Christ as the fulfillment of God’s redemptive plan as promised in the Old Testament.

    Learn more about Bible 8
  • a screenshot from the Consumer Math video course

    Consumer Math

    Train your child for life with a personal finance course centered around biblical stewardship. This course discusses income, budgeting, banking, and more all based on biblical principles.

    Learn more about Consumer Math
  • a screenshot from the American Sign Language video course

    American Sign Language

    Introduce your child to the skill of sign language. This course teaches the basic structure of American Sign Language with multiple opportunities for practice and conversing.

    Learn more about American Sign Language

Why BJU Press?

Some of the top reasons people are choosing BJU
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Why did you choose BJU Press?
  • Courses teach biblical worldview foundations.
  • Lessons encourage critical thinking skills.
  • Activities and lessons support multisensory learning.
  • Courses are structured on educational best practices.
  • All-in-one K3–12 core curriculum fits all your needs.
  • Buying options are flexible.
  • Online and parent-led formats fit your lifestyle.
  • Payment plan offers 0% interest on $350* or more.

*United States and Canada only

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Inspiring Textbooks

BJU Press Textbook Kits contain everything you need to successfully teach your child. Lessons in the student text are rooted in sound academic research and are presented in a format children can relate to. The teacher’s edition is the essential guide that supports the parent by providing instructions, fun activities, additional explanation, and much more.
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Exciting Video Courses

BJU Press Homeschool Hub is your all-in-one homeschool solution. Daily video lessons are delivered to your child by expert teachers. Lessons, eTextbooks, and assignments can be accessed from our responsive web interface from virtually any device, including iPad, Android, PC, and Mac.
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Our Curriculum

What makes a homeschool curriculum stand out in Christian education?
  • the complete 5th grade curriculum kit

    Christian Worldview

    Education from a Christian worldview reshapes how children see the world. While we often divide the world into “Bible things” and the world’s things, the reality is that the Bible is present in all things.

    BJU Press materials teach Christ’s power and lordship through the Big Story of creation. We highlight His intentions at Creation, the brokenness because of human sin in the Fall, and His plan for the world’s Redemption.

    Learn More About Our Curriculum ►

  • the complete 6th grade textbook kit

    Critical Thinking

    Education isn’t about knowing facts. It’s about learning how to use information. Children need to learn how to think critically about the subjects they study every day.

    BJU Press materials use carefully structured lessons and questions that equip kids with the skills they need to learn, respond to, and determine the implications of any new information that they encounter.

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  • textbook pages about science activities

    Hands-on Learning

    Children don’t always think the same way. Sometimes, to get a lesson to stick, you’ll need to come at it from a different direction.

    BJU Press materials incorporate a variety of hands-on and multisensory learning approaches to help children learn. Courses come with manipulatives, visuals, and activities that take kids farther in their learning journey than by just reading the textbook.

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