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What makes our homeschool Bible curriculum unique?

Many Bible curriculums out there will fill your child’s head with knowledge but fail to connect that knowledge with personal choices. Our Bible courses not only present biblical characters and stories in exciting ways, but we connect those stories with biblical principles that enhance our view of God and impact the way we live every day. Bible knowledge was never meant to remain in our heads; it was meant to radically change our hearts.

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Homeschooling with a Biblical Worldview

Scripture does more than recount historical events and predict things to come. It shows us God’s ultimate plan for mankind, mankind’s fall into sin, and God’s providence of a sinless Savior. Our Bible courses will inform your child’s biblical worldview with timeless principles for godly living. Our hope is that the knowledge your child gains in our Bible courses will shape your child’s learning experience in every other academic subject.

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The Cohesive Story of Scripture

The grand story of Scripture recounts God’s spectacular creation, man’s fall into sin, and God’s pursuit of man through the gift of a sinless Savior. Every book of the Bible connects with this narrative while evidencing God’s justice and His mercy in His interactions with mankind. All of Scripture fits together to give us a powerful view of God.