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Getting Started with BJU Press

Now that you’ve officially started homeschooling with BJU Press, let’s make sure you have all the tools you need to homeschool with confidence!

The steps to getting started look different for parent-led homeschoolers, online homeschoolers, or DVD homeschoolers. Watch the videos for your homeschooler type below, and we’ll walk you through the start of your homeschool journey!

Parent-Led Courses
Online Courses
DVD Courses
Welcome for Parent-Led Users
Unboxing for Parent-Led Users
Homeschool Hub for Parent-Led Users
What to Expect: A Typical Day Using BJU Press
Teaching for Parent-Led Users
Welcome for Online Video Users
Unboxing for Online Video Users
Homeschool Hub for Online Video Users
What to Expect: A Typical Day Using BJU Press
Welcome for DVD Video Users
Unboxing for DVD Video Users
Homeschool Hub for DVD Video Users
What to Expect: A Typical Day Using BJU Press

Getting Started Checklists

As you’re waiting for your materials to arrive, or if they’re starting to arrive now, looking through the following checklists will help you get started on the right foot!

Unboxing and Organization

  • Wait to open your materials until you have everything. With all the materials that will come in a course or full grade kit, you may receive multiple boxes over several days. To make sure you have all your materials, it’s best to wait to dive in until you have everything.
  • Plan for organization and storage. While you wait for your materials to arrive, set up a place for your books to live when they’re not being used. You might clear off a bookshelf for them or set up a rolling cart to go where you go. If you have older children, you might let them keep and organize their own books so you can focus on teaching materials. Or check out these organizational hacks from these experienced homeschool moms.
  • Open the box labeled with “Packing Slip Enclosed” first. You’ll want to check off each item listed on the packing slip to make sure you’re not missing anything and that you know what everything is.
  • If you ordered DVDs, find the return label, and save the box. Keep the DVD return label in a safe place, and it will be helpful if you save the boxes your DVD modules came in so you can use them to return your modules.
  • If you ordered online or DVD materials, organize your packets. Online and DVD orders come with additional packets containing work sheets, handouts, and printed answer keys (DVD orders only). These packets will be loose pages hole-punched for a binder. You can put them in a binder, or you can go digital and use the PDF copies on the Hub.

Getting Started with the Hub Checklist

Though using the Hub is optional for parent-led and DVD users—online users will access the Hub daily for video streaming—you will find that the Hub is a versatile and valuable tool for scheduling and planning your homeschool day. Visit our blog for a more detailed look at scheduling your day on the Hub and use the following checklist to get started.

  • Set up your account. When you create an account, the walkthrough will prompt you to finish your profile, add students, and start assigning courses. For online and DVD users, your Hub account will sync with your BJU Press account to give you access to the courses you ordered. The Hub will try to find your BJU Press account with your information but entering your account number will find it automatically. Parent-led users don’t need to have a BJU Press account.
  • Assign courses to your students. Parent-led users may choose any current textbook courses available. DVD and online users will have their video courses added to their account to assign to their students, or they can assign textbook only courses.
  • Visit the Help and Support page. There will be video tutorials and FAQs to guide you through setting up and using the features of the Hub.
  • Log your student in to their account. You and your children will have separate accounts—you can set your student’s name and password from your parent account. Your parent account will include access to answer keys and administrative tools that your student shouldn’t have access to.
  • Use the calendar to plan. Once you assign a course, a complete calendar of assignments will automatically generate in the calendar for you to use with planning. You will be able to add events and reschedule assignments as needed.
  • Use the dashboard to track progress and see what’s ready for you. Once you get going, the dashboard will show how your students are doing and will give you a heads up for materials you will need for that day, show you assignments ready for grading, and more.
  • Use the assignments page for grading and to see past assignments. DVD and online users will also find PDF answer keys here.
  • Use the gradebook to edit the grading scale, track grades, and edit past grades.

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