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Your All-in-One BJU Press Resource Is Here!

The BJU Press Homeschool Hub is an all-in-one learning management tool, assignment scheduler, and planner!

Homeschool Hub Highlights

hub streaming

Online Video

  • Streaming video lessons
  • Complete schedule of video lessons and assignments
  • Adjustable calendar for convenient scheduling
  • Online tests and quizzes (Grade 5 and up)
  • Student handouts plus answer keys
  • Gradebook with reporting options
  • eTextbook copies of student texts and PDF copies of teacher editions
hub dvd


  • Complete schedule of video lessons and assignments
  • Adjustable calendar for convenient scheduling
  • Student handouts plus answer keys
  • Gradebook with reporting options
  • PDF copies of teacher editions
  • Online tests and quizzes (Grade 5 and up)
hub textbooks


  • Complete schedule of assignments
  • Adjustable calendar for convenient scheduling
  • Gradebook with reporting options
  • Access to additional support materials for your homeschool journey

Non-BJU Press

  • Ability to create additional courses and assignments
  • Generate reports for non-BJU Press courses

Get to Know Your Homeschool Hub

Day-at-a-Glance on the Dashboard

Your dashboard gives you and your student a quick overview of everything you need to see. Most of your work can be done right from the dashboard! You’ll have a course progress overview that shows how your student is doing in each course, lessons and assignments due that day, completed work, materials needed for the day’s work, and assignments your student has coming up. You can customize and rearrange what you see on your dashboard, too!

Scheduling Ease on the Calendar

Your calendar shows you everything that’s due today, this week, or this month. From the calendar, you can use the quick scheduler to skip, replace, or mark lessons complete. You can also use a number of rescheduling tools to edit your calendar, plan days off, and more.

Access Additional Resources in Courses

Under courses, you can access the full assignment schedule and any additional resources available for that course. These additional resources may include teacher edition PDFs, Teacher’s Toolkit CD files, student handout files, quiz files, and more.

Keep Up with Grading in Assignments

All your students’ completed assignments will be available under assignments. Here, you’ll be able to assign grades to assignments that are ready for review, skip grading for certain assignments, grant retakes on tests, or edit grades on completed assignments. You’ll also find convenient links to answer keys for all your grading needs.

Monitor Progress in Gradebook

Your gradebook shows your students’ progress through their courses. You can check up on how they do with different kinds of assignments and edit or review grades.

Show Development in Reports

Your reports let you generate transcripts and other reports to show how your children have developed over the year and fulfill any reporting requirements for your homeschool.

Hear from our Pilot Users…

“The Hub has you covered! As a mom of 8, juggling so many things at one time, this program has helped me stay on track and keep up with the demands of grades, lessons, scheduling, and more!” – Jennifer

“The Homeschool Hub has cut my record-keeping time in half!” – Denae

“My kids can do lessons with minimal help from me. They don’t have to wait to take quizzes and tests.” – Michelle

“There are zero complaints from anyone in our house about the Hub, we all love it.” – Sarah

“The BJU Press Homeschool Hub has been a game changer in our family’s homeschooling dynamic! The clean, useful tabs and tools make for easy navigation, and I really love the calendar!” – Mona

“We are loving the new Hub! It’s wonderful to have everything together in one place and see progress reports!” – Heather


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