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Vacation Stations: Keep the Knowledge Fresh and the Summer Fun!

Vacation Stations

As a homeschool parent, you have put an enormous amount of effort into your child’s education. Breaks from schoolwork are well deserved. However, you may not realize that your child may lose some of those hard-earned academic skills during those long breaks. Since your child will need those skills when he or she begins again, it is important to find ways to retain them.

Vacation Stations workbooks have been developed to help homeschoolers systematically review grade-level materials in 10 weeks. They are designed to help review math, reading, and language arts in only 10–15 minutes of independent work each day. The books focus on the key concepts in each discipline.

Since BJU Press believes that learning should be fun, we’ve filled the Vacation Stations workbooks with engaging activities and colorful illustrations. We’ve also included progress charts so that you and your child can keep track of success.

Free Sample Workbook Pages

The following documents are in the pdf document format.

Vacation Stations Summer Workbooks


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