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What makes our homeschool Handwriting curriculum unique?

The BJU Press Handwriting curriculum equips your student to executive beautiful, simple, and clear handwriting. Our early grades help your student establish habits for writing including maintaining proper posture and eliminating various sources of tension. As your student progresses through each course, there will be plenty of opportunities to practice while reinforcing excellent writing habits. When your child reaches sixth grade, our course introduces calligraphy as an advanced form of basic handwriting.


Perfecting the Basics

Our elementary handwriting courses spend careful time establishing your student’s writing habits. We take the time to teach proper posture, positions, and instrument grasp to ensure your student can comfortably write for periods of time. We also concentrate on proper letter formation so that your student can produce consistently beautiful writing.


Connecting with Other Subjects

Our handwriting courses intuitively connect with our writing and spelling courses to enhance your child’s understanding and communication abilities. We spend plenty of class time focusing on research and dictionary skills so that your student’s knowledge of words and reference materials grows and expands.