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What makes our homeschool Heritage Studies curriculum unique?

Our curriculum enables your student not only to recite historical events, but to examine, investigate, and analyze facets of history. Our courses devote time to equipping your student with social studies skills and opportunities to apply course principles. The curriculum also examines primary sources, giving your student immersive experiences with original documents and accounts. We teach your student not only to recall facts, but to learn from history.


Homeschooling with a Biblical Worldview

A heritage studies curriculum with an integrated biblical worldview will help your student assess personal and national choices from the authority of God’s Word. Your student will examine various leaders’ choices that adhere to or abandon biblical principles and the aftermath of those choices. History presented from a biblical worldview provides demonstration after demonstration of the sovereign justice and mercy of God.


Teaching Heritage Studies

History is full of difficult choices with enormous consequences. Our desire is that your student will examine history in alignment with biblical truth and humility. Your student will connect and apply biblical principles to historical decisions where the biblically accurate path may not have been clear. We endeavor to review controversial events against the backdrop of God’s Word.