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Iowa Form E Gr 6-8 PracTst Kit (Lvls 12-14: teacher & stdnt)

From Iowa Assessments™ Copyright © by Riverside Assessments, LLC. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission of the publisher.


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The University of Iowa
Grade Level
Riverside Insights

From Iowa Assessments, Copyright © 2011, 2017 by Riverside Assessments, LLC. All rights reserved. Used by permission of the publisher, Riverside Assessments, LLC.

Practice tests are designed to briefly acquaint students with the kinds of questions (not content) found on achievement or abilities tests. Students practice by answering a handful of questions in each subject area using actual test format; however, the difficulty level of the test may not be represented.

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    Content for this level includes:

  • Reading (5 questions)
  • Written Expression (7 questions)
  • Mathematics (13 questions)
  • Science (6 questions)
  • Social Studies (8 questions)
  • Vocabulary (6 questions)
  • Spelling (6 questions)
  • Capitalization (6 questions)
  • Punctuation (6 questions)
  • Computation (6 questions)

Due to the nature of our contract with the publisher, this product is available only to students not enrolled in publicly funded schools (including charter schools).