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What makes our homeschool Math curriculum unique?

The BJU Press math curriculum enables students not only to understand mathematical concepts, but to use mathematical equations, reasoning, and statistics ethically and biblically. We aim to help your student connect a biblical worldview with math and use math in a way that reflects both God’s character and His skill.


Making Sense of Math

We help your students use both hands-on and technological resources to fully grasp mathematical principles. In our elementary grades, we provide many tangible manipulatives to help young students comprehend and demonstrate basic mathematical operations. For our middle and high school grades, we train students to skillfully use advanced calculators, programs, and more so they can complete complex math problems efficiently.


Math in Real Life

Math has immediate applications and uses in our everyday lives. We provide numerous STEM projects so that students have an up-close view of various careers that make heavy use of math. Our program also offers engaging videos to reinforce difficult concepts and help students visualize advanced applications of math.