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Pasaporte al Español Kit B

Pasaporte al español Kit B builds on the Pasaporte al español Kit A foundation (or its equivalent) and is primarily designed for grades 4–6. Not just a book or a bunch of books in a box, the Kit is more like a real toolbox, chock full of some really useful stuff. These tools can be used to meet the national standards set by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages—what are known as the five Cs of language learning.

BJU Press
Grade Level
BJU Press

This kit gives your student further instruction in learning and speaking Spanish. Your student will complete worktext pages each week, and vocabulary picture cards will provide further immersion into Spanish-speaking cultures. Engaging videos, fun songs, ethnic recipes, and more enhance the exciting experience as your child pursues mastery of the Spanish language.

What’s in Here

  • Bible verses and Bible truths expressed in both English and Spanish
  • Sheet music for songs written in Spanish
  • Colorful vocabulary cards for reinforcing vocabulary
  • Audio recordings and video segments
  • Games, activities, and a puppet
  • Read-aloud books