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What makes our homeschool Reading curriculum unique?

Reading is vital to learning not only every academic subject, but also to life in general. The BJU Press reading curriculum is designed to help your student become an insightful, articulate, and biblical reader. Our lessons include timeless biblical principles that will help your student understand and measure what he or she reads from a biblical worldview. Knowing whether a reading selection aligns with God’s Word will help your student know which sources are best for understanding people and understanding the world.


Using Strategies to Boost Learning

The BJU Press reading courses offer multiple reading strategies so that your student can consistently benefit from what he or she reads. Reading silently, reading aloud, deciphering new words, and more are just a few of the skills that our reading courses will nurture in your student. The reading courses contain multiple forms of reading instruction so that you can meet your student exactly where he or she is at. We will provide suggestions for introducing new stories, making literary characters come alive, and much more so that your student’s reading journey can be exciting and memorable.


Seeing Stories from a Biblical Perspective

As students read, our desire is that they evaluate what they read from a biblical perspective. This means seeing the decisions that characters make, and discerning whether those decisions are made out of love and obedience to God or out of sinful desires. Reading connects us with the lives of other people in ways that help us understand how people think, how decisions impact our lives, and how God’s truth governs what we say and do.