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What makes our homeschool Spanish curriculum unique?

The BJU Press Spanish curriculum educates students in the Spanish language with the ultimate goal of influencing the Spanish community for Christ. Your student will enjoy many interactions with the Hispanic community through texts, videos, and even cooking demonstrations! Through an informed understanding of the Spanish community, your student will be ready to build meaningful relationships and share the Gospel with Spanish speakers.


Building Vocabulary

Our Spanish curriculum gradually builds your student’s vocabulary using commonly used words and plenty of real-life examples. Using basic scripts and everyday conversations, your student will have multiple opportunities to see and use Spanish words in their typical contexts. Our courses also have frequent vocabulary reviews to ensure your student is ready to add additional words.


Learning to Present

As your student encounters Spanish words and phrases in their typical contexts, your students will be best equipped to understand and use the Spanish language. Our Spanish courses highlight different Spanish-speaking regions and highlight those regions’ art, music, food, clothing, and folklore. Our curriculum offers an extremely practical approach to understanding and deploying the Spanish language. Words are practiced in everyday conversations, and numerous opportunities for written and oral presentations are available.