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What makes our homeschool Spelling curriculum unique?

The BJU Press spelling curriculum is uniquely qualified to help your student master the art of spelling. Your student will have plenty of practice in honing spelling skills using word studies, proofreading, writing exercises, and so much more. Our elementary grade spelling courses focus on words that occur frequently along with words with irregular spellings. Our higher grade-level courses help students recognize syllable patterns in words and common suffixes.


Understanding and Assembling Meaning

Spelling with the BJU Press curriculum is so much more than placing the right letters in the right order. Our courses help your student recognize the basic components of words, understand the meaning of those components, and then place and combine those components to create clear and powerful communication. Our spelling curriculum slowly progresses from common to more infrequently used words so that your student builds a well-informed vocabulary.


Skills Beyond Spelling

Beyond simply crafting words, our spelling curriculum will help your child craft insightful messages, evaluate the written work of others, and learn to research and use information accurately. A large supply of accurately spelled words will go a long way as your student creates rapport with and impacts the intended audience.