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BJU Press Video Course Agreement

In consideration of the mutual promises contained in this Agreement, BJU Press and the Subscriber agree to the following conditions:

Table of Contents:

Use Agreement


Customers will have 16 months from the original shipping date to complete the course and return the DVDs, unless prior arrangements are made for an extension.

The DVDs must be returned by the required date, as set forth in the preceding paragraph, unless prior arrangements have been made for reuse. Failure to return the DVDs by the end of the access period will result in a penalty of $200 per month up to a maximum of $1,000. DVDs that are returned in an unusable condition will result in a penalty of up to a maximum of $500.

The DVDs should be returned in the original packaging. A prepaid return label (for the 48 contiguous United States only) to ship the DVDs (only), along with the instructions, have been included with the original documentation.

Use of the return label(s) for other purposes is strictly forbidden by the carrier (e.g., UPS) and will result in additional charges to the customer. Please use the prepaid return label to return DVDs by or before the required date. Other return shipping is the responsibility of the customer.


The access period is defined as 16 months after the original shipping date. No extensions or reuse options are available for the Online program.

Subscriber Approval

Pricing and program details are subject to change without notice. This Agreement is not final until accepted by the Home Office of BJU Press. Acceptance will be based in part on the following:

Qualification of Subscriber as a residential home educator

The BJU Press Video Course program is not available for group use. A school Video Course program is available directly from BJU Press. Call 800.845.5731 for information on group use.

Satisfactory payment/credit arrangements with the Subscriber

BJU Press requires payment at time of order. Payment can be made by credit card, in cash, or by check (US funds only). Qualified customers may take advantage of a payment plan. See more details.

By placing an order with BJU Press, either by phone, fax, email, internet, or other method, the Subscriber agrees to abide by all conditions of this Agreement.

Agreement to additional terms for Online customers related to COPPA and our Privacy Policy as well as the use of the online software is required. These terms will be presented to the Subscriber for approval at the time of registration in the system. In the event that you do not agree to these terms, you will be entitled to a full refund.

Obligations and Qualifications

With this Agreement, BJU Press grants the Subscriber a limited viewing/use license for the specifi ed period to use the Content solely in the Subscriber’s own homeschool. The Subscriber acknowledges that all Content remains the property of BJU Press and agrees to use the Content only for the purposes allowed by this Agreement. Use of Content by non-subscribers is specifically prohibited and is a violation of copyright laws.

BJU Press permits Subscribers to duplicate (and therefore assume responsibility for duplication of) any and all reproducible/printable teacher-prepared handout materials for each course. This right to copy and reuse the handouts applies only to handouts—not to textbooks—and only to BJU Press Video Course Subscribers for use within their immediate family (children living in their home).

Obligations of the Subscriber

The Subscriber agrees to the terms of this use Agreement. The Subscriber also agrees to pay such taxes now or hereafter imposed on the Agreement and/or educational use of Content in the Subscriber’s own jurisdiction.

The Subscriber acknowledges the right of BJU Press to restrict or terminate service for failure to pay, misuse of the Subscriber license rights, or violation of other provisions of this Agreement. The Subscriber also acknowledges the right of BJU Press to assess such late or collection fees as allowed by law.

It is understood that video lessons from BJU Press are for viewing/use rights only. This is a license to use the Content only—you may not pass on the license in any form. This license prohibits the Subscriber from renting, loaning, sharing, duplicating, or trading the Content on the Video Course program or handouts unless expressly allowed by this Agreement.


The Subscriber agrees to provide a DVD-R playback device. BJU Press Video Lessons on DVD will play on most approved DVD-R players and computers.


The Subscriber agrees to provide an approved playback device (hardware and software). BJU Press Video Course Content will play on most approved computers.

If the Subscriber’s player or computer will not play the Video Content, the Subscriber may contact customer service (800.845.5731) for return instructions.

Availability of Content

All lessons are subject to availability and subject to change without notice. Teachers may vary from year to year and are subject to change without notice. Lessons and teachers can be confirmed at the time the order is accepted.


The placement of an order affirms the concurrence of the Subscriber with the terms of this Agreement and thereby binds the Subscriber to these terms. This Agreement supersedes any prior or existing proposals, whether oral or written, and all negotiations, conversations, discussions, and understandings between BJU Press and the Subscriber.

Shipping Information

  • Video Course materials will be shipped within 30 days, subject to availability.
  • Faster shipping methods are available for an additional cost. Please contact BJU Press for details (800.845.5731).
  • Books are shipped separately from the Video Lesson media.
  • Products are shipped only after satisfactory payment has been received. Full payment is required for non-payment plan orders.
  • Cost and compliance of international shipping is the responsibility of the Subscriber.

Applicable Law, Disputes

In the event of any dispute related to this Agreement, the parties will attempt resolution pursuant to biblical principles, utilizing negotiation and mediation. If this is unsuccessful for any reason, venue for any legal action shall be in Greenville, South Carolina. This Agreement shall be construed pursuant to South Carolina law.