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What makes our homeschool English curriculum unique?

Our homeschool English curriculum is uniquely crafted to teach students to create effective written and oral communication. This means of communication should ultimately honor God, benefit others, and contribute positively to society. Our goal is more than teaching writing and grammar. Our goal is to partner with partners so that their children become better communicators.


Homeschooling with a Biblical Worldview

Language is one of God’s gifts to humanity. It enables us to worship Him, share His truth, and build relationships with His image-bearers. Our program helps children understand language as a means of accomplishing these things while honor God and serving other people. As your student progresses from early learning to elementary English to middle school and high school English, your child will learn to communication with truth, with power, and with empathy.


Connecting English and Reading Skills

English and reading skills are naturally connected. That’s why we recommend pairing your English course with the corresponding grade-level reading course. In our first-grade video courses, Phonics & English 1 will pair naturally with Reading 1 and Handwriting 1. Additionally, all middle and high school Writing & Grammar courses will include a corresponding literature program.