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Homeschool Video Curriculum

Are you looking for a homeschool video curriculum for your homeschool journey? We offer online video homeschool curriculum so you have freedom to choose how to schedule your homeschool day. With our homeschool video curriculum, you’ll have trustworthy, qualified teachers for each lesson, so you have more time to work from home or give your children one-on-one instruction time. Our online homeschool program curriculum offers unique advantages and resources for you.

BJU Press Grade 4 textbook covers and Homeschool Hub dashboard

An Online Homeschool Curriculum with Textbooks for Every Grade

Our homeschool video curriculum supports you in your homeschool journey. You can customize each online grade or subject kit option to purchase with or without textbooks. Each kit includes everything you need for your children’s learning.

How Our Online Curriculum Can Help You Homeschool

  • Our teachers provide a thorough, education from a biblical worldview.
  • The lessons include hands-on activities and demonstrations as well as engaging, age-appropriate video segments.
  • Online homeschool curriculum options come with eTextbooks for additional support and mobility.
  • Each kit comes with access to the Homeschool Hub, your all-in-one homeschool with video lesson streaming and a completely customizable schedule for all your online courses and assignments.
  • Online video courses include automatic grading for tests and quizzes (Grades 5 and up).

A Flexible Online Video Curriculum That Gives Parents Control with Plenty of Support

The Value of Our Homeschool Video Curriculum

Homeschool Online Curriculum Grade Kits

BJU Press Homeschool online grade kits include everything you need for a whole year. Grade kits include all your child’s core subjects for their grade level, including English language arts, math, science, and history. You can customize each kit to remove printed materials, shift grades of certain subjects up or down or add an elective course. Grade kits offer the most value for your order.

Cost comparison

For elementary grade kits, you receive over $640 worth of printed materials for only $170.

For high school grade kits, you receive over $460 worth of printed materials for only $170.

Total cost of online grade kit with all printed and digital materials: $1,049

Total cost of online grade kit without printed materials: $879

Homeschool Online Curriculum Subject Kits

BJU Press Homeschool online subject kits include everything you need for one subject for the whole year. You can customize your subject kit to remove textbooks as needed.

What Parents Love about Homeschooling Online with BJU Press

Grade 1: “We decided to switch to BJU after struggling with other curriculums. BJU has changed my family's life. My kids can work relatively independent, they understand the assignments, and the videos are entertaining. My kids and I are very happy we switched to BJU Press; we are never leaving.” – Kimberly

Grade 2: “My kids beg to do their school first thing in the morning, even before breakfast! They tell me all about what they are learning and enjoy their teachers a lot. I'm so glad I found this program!” – Amy

Grade 4: “For the first time ever, my daughter loves school. She wants to complete her work and she is loving learning again!” – Jamie

Grade 6: “We tried multiple curriculums but not all have the ease of this program. My 6th grader is finally thriving and is completely enjoying the school year!” – Jackie

Grade 10: “We love the ease and depth of content. The curriculum is easy to follow with a day-to-day checklist. Very pleased with the website and books we use.” – Ashlea

Sample Our Videos

K5 sample video Grade 1 sample video Grade 2 sample video Grade 3 sample video Grade 4 sample video Grade 5 sample video Grade 6 sample video Grade 7 sample video Grade 8 sample video Grade 9 sample video Grade 10 sample video Grade 11 sample video Grade 12 sample video

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