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    • Trouble at Silver Pines Inn

      Trouble at Silver Pines Inn


      In Gloria Repp’s Christian fiction novel, Trouble at Silver Pines Inn, treasure is what's on Nick’s mind. When he gets to Silver Pines Inn, his grandfather’s property, all he finds is trouble. He makes a bad beginning with his bedridden and bitter grandfather, he earns a scolding from an important guest, and he spoils his brother’s fishing—and all on just the first day.

    • Two Sides to Everything

      Two Sides to Everything


      In Two Sides to Everything, a Christian fiction by Deb Brammer, going to New Zealand while his mother recovers from an accident seems like a simple enough choice to Josh. After all, New Zealanders speak the same language he does. But after he arrives, Josh begins to have doubts even about that, and he is concerned about the exclusion, bullying, resentment, and fear he sees in his classmates.

    • Understood Betsy

      Understood Betsy


      In Understood Betsy, classic fiction by Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Elizabeth Ann gets an unexpected, total-life change. When she goes to visit her Vermont relatives, the Putneys, they call her Betsy instead of Elizabeth Ann. But they don’t just change her name.

    • Very Like a Star

      Very Like a Star


      In Very Like A Star, Dawn L. Watkins wrote a read-aloud picture book about dependability with engaging illustrations by Dana Thompson. It seems to Rigel that being small is the worst thing in the world.

    • Pelts and Promises

      Pelts and Promises


      Pelts and Promises by Nancy Lohr is historical fiction for young readers set in 1903. When a schoolroom prank goes all wrong, Willie B. and Jamie land into big trouble.

    • A Question of Yams

      A Question of Yams


      Gloria Repp’s A Question of Yams is a Christian fiction missionary story based on true events. The people of Kuri’s village have always prayed to the spirits when they plant their yams. Now Kuri’s father prays to the God of the Bible, and the crops begin to grow.

    • Pulling Together

      Pulling Together


      Pulling Together by Dawn L. Watkins tells young Matthew’s story as he watches his father’s steadfast trust in God when a storm brings ruin to their small farm. In this Christian fiction Matthew determines to do his best to help his family even though he cannot bear to think that Dolly, one of their faithful workhorses, might have to be sold.

    • The Treasure of Pelican Cove

      The Treasure of Pelican Cove


      In this prequel to The Mystery of Pelican Cove, Milly Howard sets The Treasure of Pelican Cove in Land’s End where Jimmy is visiting his grandmother with his dog, Blackie. There Jimmy hears Hiram’s fascinating story about a pirate called Pegleg. The tale sends everyone scrambling for hidden treasure.

    • Escape



      Mona Dunckel’s Escape is Christian fiction presented in simple chapter format for young readers. One day Charlie finds an unusual bead in the marketplace and adds it to his treasure box. His parents said the rebels are coming to Ethiopia.

    • The Case of the Dognapped Cat

      The Case of the Dognapped Cat


      The Crimebusters begin a career of solving mysteries in Milly Howard’s Christian fiction novel, The Case of the Dognapped Cat. A mystery book for kids, Dognapped Cat introduces the team as it takes on its first case: disappearance of neighborhood dogs. Pet lovers will especially pull for the success of the Crimebusters on this case and will get to meet some unusual characters along the way.

    • These Are My People

      These Are My People


      These Are My People is a biography by Mildred T. Howard on the life of Christian missionary Gladys Aylward. This biography for young readers begins when Gladys Aylward leaves London and arrives in China.

    • Songbird



      Songbird is historical fiction by Nancy Lohr set in 1770 in the British Colony of Williamsburg. Truxton Pilcher must work in his father’s pewter foundry reclaiming the metal shavings and stoking the fire. When Mr.

    • Mik-Shrok



      In Mik-Shrok, Christian fiction for middle-grade readers written by Gloria Repp, Steve and Liz Bailey arrive at the small town of Koyalik, Alaska, with troubling questions. The veteran missionary who was supposed to meet them has disappeared. The year is 1950, and Alaska Territory is still a vast wilderness, unsettled and unexplored.

    • Medallion



      In Medallion, a Christian fantasy fiction novel, Dawn L. Watkins presents a willful prince who must learn the hard way that being a leader means being first a servant. Prince Trave encounters many dangers—such as an earthquake, monstrous skreels, and treachery from those he thought were his friends—before he faces the biggest challenge of all.

    • Forbidden Gates

      Forbidden Gates


      Forbidden Gates is historical fiction by Denise Williamson, set in Jerusalem in the first century. This Christian fiction book tells the story of Nathan, the son of a temple money-changer. Nathan knows the laws of God’s house, and he has never questioned the rules.