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    • Rodney Robbins and the Rainy-Day Pond

      Rodney Robbins and the Rainy-Day Pond


      In Rodney Robbins and the Rainy-Day Pond by Kim Stegall, a young boy and his neighbor team up to solve a neighborhood problem. This picture book is for pre-readers and early readers. Whimsical illustrations and simple sentences make it an age-appropriate and enjoyable read-aloud.

    • Rosa la Osa

      Rosa la Osa


      Join your child and Rosa la Osa in Anna Turner and Beth Kitching’s fun-filled excursion into the world of Spanish. A game of hide-and-go-seek turns into a wonderful opportunity for Rosa to make new friends and for your child to take his first steps into a new language. With the help of sidebar picture vocabularies and full Spanish-to-English translations at the end of the story, children will learn simple vocabulary and how to count to ten in Spanish.

    • Roses on Baker Street

      Roses on Baker Street


      Roses on Baker Street is a delightful picture book written by Eileen M. Berry with colorful illustrations by John Roberts. When Danae’s family moves from France to America for a year of furlough, all of the things that have meant “home” to Danae are missing.

    • Sarah Whitcher's Story

      Sarah Whitcher's Story


      In Sarah Whitcher’s Story by award-winning author Elizabeth Yates, little Sarah follows a tiny bird away from her family’s cabin into the thick New Hampshire forest. When night come, Sarah realizes that she is lost. Settlers come from all across the countryside to help find her, but as the long days pass, the searchers grow desperate. In this historical fiction book only Sarah’s father believes that they will find her alive, and few would have expected a bear to have a part in her rescue.

    • Sarah's Long Ride

      Sarah's Long Ride


      In Sarah’s Long Ride, a Christian fiction by Susan Page Davis, the Bandicoot 100 is coming up, and Sarah Piper and her horse, Icicle, are registered for the race. But Sarah’s mother has recently died, leaving Sarah without a riding partner. Adjusting to a new home with Uncle Joe and far from her friends, Sarah realizes that endurance is not something she needs just for the race.

    • Sherlock Jones, Jr. Detective Series

      Sherlock Jones, Jr. Detective Series


      Jasper and Penny solve mysteries together.

    • Sherlock Jones: The  Assassination Plot

      Sherlock Jones: The Assassination Plot


      In Book 1 of the Sherlock Jones, Jr. Detective Series, Ed Dunlop’s Sherlock Jones: The Assassination Plot presents Jasper Jones and Penny Gordon, an adventurous pair of friends who have stumbled onto a diabolical plot: professional assassins are planning to get rid of their state’s governor. Their ingenious and heroic efforts to save the governor win Jasper the nickname, Sherlock Jones, and begin the continuing adventures of Jasper and his friends.

    • Sherlock Jones: The Missing Diamond

      Sherlock Jones: The Missing Diamond


      In Book 3 of the Sherlock Jones, Jr. Detective Series, Ed Dunlop’s mystery book, Sherlock Jones: The Missing Diamond, has seventh-graders Jasper “Sherlock” Jones and Penny Gordon using their detective skills and their Christian faith to identify a software pirate at Diamond Computer Technology. Then they turn their skills toward helping solve the kidnapping of the company owner’s daughter, their new friend, Lisa Diamond—the truly valuable diamond—in this Christian fiction adventure.

    • Sherlock Jones: The Phantom Airplane

      Sherlock Jones: The Phantom Airplane


      In Book 4 of the Sherlock Jones, Jr. Detective Series, Sherlock Jones: The Phantom Airplane by Ed Dunlop, Penny and Sherlock feel they have landed in the lap of luxury when they are invited to vacation in the plush lakeside lodge of a wealthy friend. But soon they begin to uncover the secrets of some shady activity at a neighboring estate, and their investigative zeal gets them a little too close to suspected illegal activity in this popular Christian fiction adventure.

    • Sherlock Jones: The Willoughby Bank Robbery

      Sherlock Jones: The Willoughby Bank Robbery


      In Ed Dunlop’s Christian fiction book, Sherlock Jones: The Willoughby Bank Robbery (Book 2 of the Sherlock Jones, Jr. Detective Series), Sherlock and his friend Penny Gordon walk in on a robbery in progress at their town’s only bank. The robbers cleverly frame one of Sherlock’s friends, who feels helpless to clear his name.

    • Shield



      Shield, the second book of Christian fantasy fiction by Dawn L. Watkins, tells of Innera, a girl of Dider, discovering a wounded soldier in the snowy woods. He bears the shield of a king and a strange message.

    • Silent Road to Rescue

      Silent Road to Rescue


      Silent Road to Rescue by Denise Williamson is a historical fiction book based on an actual rescue made by missionary Eric Liddell and an unnamed Chinese carter in 1939. Kwei Er and his family have fled their burning village and have gone to live with Uncle Ma Chuang Fu and his wife in this Christian fiction story. But even in the remote town of Nan Kung, the fingers of war can touch them.

    • Someday You'll Write

      Someday You'll Write


      Drawing from a lifetime of writing experience, Newbery Medalist Elizabeth Yates shares her thoughts with aspiring writers in the nonfiction guide Someday You’ll Write. Christian youth who are interested in writing biographies, historical fiction, or fiction of any kind will want this book. In a friendly and practical manner, the award-winning author gives helpful suggestions and discusses such issues as getting ideas, being persistent, and studying the basics of a good story.

    • Sticky Flies, Whirling Squirrels, and Plucky Ducks

      Sticky Flies, Whirling Squirrels, and Plucky Ducks


      Sticky Flies, Whirling Squirrels, and Plucky Ducks, retold by Eileen Berry, is a collection of fables from Greek, Persian, Chinese, Russian, Native American, and other cultures. In this book, you'll find stories of kings and lions, mice and squirrels, pearls and honey pots. These stories will make you laugh, and think, and learn.

    • Suzannah and the Secret Coins

      Suzannah and the Secret Coins


      Suzannah and the Secret Coins is historical fiction by Elaine Schulte. In 1848 when Suzannah’s brother-in-law gambles away her father’s house, the family begins a dangerous journey westward. Suzannah determines that Charles will not gamble away the last coins her father gave to her, but she learns that real treasure is not found in coins.

    • Suzannah Strikes Gold

      Suzannah Strikes Gold


      Suzannah Strikes Gold is the third book of Colton Cousin Adventure series, Christian fiction by Elaine Schulte. As the Coltons continue on the road west in pursuit of Suzannah’s black-sheep brother-in-law, Charles Herrington, they are all optimistic that California will hold the promise of a better life. In this historical fiction story set during the California Gold Rush, the hard-working Coltons have started their own thriving business when Suzannah catches a serious case of "gold fever".

    • Tales from Dust River Gulch

      Tales from Dust River Gulch


      Tales from Dust River Gulch, a fiction by Tim Davis, introduces the tiny western town of Dust River Gulch. Thieving criminals, a gold rush, and a slippery salesman keep Sheriff J.D.

    • The Captain's Hat

      The Captain's Hat


      In Anita Williams’ whimsical fiction, The Captain’s Hat, Pedro and Spud explore the Big River, romp through a wild and tangled green jungle, and discover a huge dark ship half buried in the sand. But all the while, Pedro’s real adventures are in his head as he dreams of being a captain and wearing the gold and white captain’s hat. Readers will feel they are right in the middle of a tropical island with the lush descriptions of the place Pedro calls home.

    • The Case of Sassy Parrot

      The Case of Sassy Parrot


      In Milly Howard’s mystery book, The Case of the Sassy Parrot, the Crimebusters (who debuted in The Case of the Dognapped Cat) face a new challenge when Maria visits her grandmother and finds out someone has broken into her pet shop. Will a giant python and a back-talking parrot help with clues or give the detectives away in this Christian fiction romp? Join the gang as they track down the pet store culprits in this mystery novel for kids from JourneyForth Books.

    • The Cranky Blue Crab

      The Cranky Blue Crab


      The Cranky Blue Crab is a read-aloud picture book by Dawn L. Watkins. Crusty the Crab is restless and unhappy.

    • The Far Journey

      The Far Journey


      The Far Journey by Lucille Travis is a story for kids about Horace, a mouse with artistic talent far beyond anything ever seen in Fleur Gardens. His mother, who escaped when her village was burned by the rats, left him in Fleur Gardens with kind mice who live quiet lives and keep the rules. But Horace's talent for drawing drives him to break an important rule and puts his adopted home in danger.

    • The Gardener's Gold Ring

      The Gardener's Gold Ring


      The Gardener’s Gold Ring is a read-aloud picture book by Nancy Bopp, beautifully illustrated by Christina L. Mutchler. When a gardener loses his wedding ring, a long, hard search fails to bring it back.

    • The Hidden Village

      The Hidden Village


      The Hidden Village tells the story of Manju, a young boy from West Bengal, India, who acts out the story of Zacchaeus. From the top of the tallest mangrove tree, he finds a hidden village deep in the forest. He wants to do everything he can to help the hungry people in the little village. But what can he do when the people in his village won’t believe his story, and even wild animals and the weather seem determined to stop him from helping?

    • The Incredible Rescues

      The Incredible Rescues


      The Incredible Rescues by Ed Dunlop is the third book in the Young Refugees Series. This historical fiction story details the exciting adventures of fourteen-year-old Hans and his younger sister, Gretchen, in numerous close calls with Nazi soldiers. Hans and Gretchen assist the Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg by delivering food, messages, and hope to the many Jewish people in various locations around the city of Budapest.

    • The Long Ride Home

      The Long Ride Home


      The Long Ride Home recounts the journey of two young children from New York to the farmlands of Iowa. Families are willing to adopt young orphans like Emma, but Bert might have to find work on a farm. He has a lot to learn about farm life. Each day brings new lessons, from milking cows to being kind, and new fears. More than a place to live, he needs a family to love. Will he find a home in Iowa with his sister? Or will he take the long train ride back to New York?

    • The Lost Prince of Samavia

      The Lost Prince of Samavia


      The Lost Prince of Samavia, classic fiction by Frances Hodgson Burnett, is a tale of mystery, adventure, and international espionage. Marco Loristan, a twelve-year-old refugee, and his friend, a hunchback orphan named The Rat, embark on a dangerous journey across Europe to bring freedom to Marco’s war-torn homeland of Samavia. Although only boys, they play a vital role in a plan to return Samavia’s true ruler from the long-lost royal line to his rightful throne.

    • The Mystery of Pelican Cove

      The Mystery of Pelican Cove


      The Mystery of Pelican Cove by Milly Howard is the sequel to her other Christian fiction book, The Treasure of Pelican Cove. In this adventure, Jimmy sights a strange water creature and gets the whole community in an uproar. A mystery book for kids, this novel keeps readers turning pages to see just where all the chaos will lead. And they will not see the ending coming. Any collection of mysteries for kids would be incomplete without this book.

    • The Next Fine Day

      The Next Fine Day


      The Next Fine Day is historical fiction by award-winning author Elizabeth Yates. Each spring for hundreds of years, the herons have returned to Chilham, England, but only now have they become important to Kent. Their departure this fall marks the beginning of a new life for his mother, who has closed her heart to love, and for Kent, who thinks of himself as Nobody. Kent’s life is changed forever when he meets an artist who has come to paint the herons of Chilham.

    • The Princess and the Goblin

      The Princess and the Goblin


      In George MacDonald’s classic fantasy, The Princess and the Goblin, Princess Irene discovers her beautiful great-great-grandmother spinning silver thread in the palace tower. But when no one will believe her tales of the secret tower, Irene’s confidence begins to waver. The Princess and the Goblin is a delightful, meaningful tale of love, bravery, and the importance of faith.

    • The Railway Children

      The Railway Children


      In the classic novel by E. Nesbit, The Railway Children, Roberta, Peter, and Phyllis suddenly find their lives turned upside down. One evening two strangers come to their beautiful villa and take their father away.