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    • Seeking Mother

      Seeking Mother


      “I asked for help, for mercy from the God who sets the captives free.”—JasminaIn Seeking Mother, the third book in the India’s Street Kids Series, Jasmina joins Amrita in a dangerous plan to bring down a human trafficking ring in Kolkata. Getting a lead on the location of her parents, Jasmina enlists the help of a new friend to find them.

    • Shoshana's Refuge

      Shoshana's Refuge


      Shoshana’s Refuge explores the struggles of a young Israelite woman during the reign of Solomon. Traditions, expectations, and the laws of the God of Jacob rise up like a prison around Shoshana, but she takes refuge in her favorite places: her kitchen and the top of the hill where she feels the breeze in her hair. When an accident forces her to take refuge under the law of God and away from all that she loves, she struggles to see God’s grace in her circumstances.

    • The Choctaw Code

      The Choctaw Code


      The Choctaw Code by Brent Ashabranner and Russell G. Davis is historical fiction set in the Choctaw Nation in the 1890s. The Baxter family is newly arrived in Indian territory where Tom’s father will be the new railroad station master in Atoka, and Tom will help his mother to set up housekeeping.

    • The Daniel Dilemma: Real Courage for Real Life

      The Daniel Dilemma: Real Courage for Real Life


      The Daniel Dilemma: Real Courage for Real Life is a Christian teenagers’ survival guide for not getting eaten by lions in a world that rejects God and expects them to reject Him too. From this study, teens can find the courage to overcome the daily peer pressure that threatens to pull them away from their faith.

    • The Hawk That Dare Not Hunt by Day

      The Hawk That Dare Not Hunt by Day


      The Hawk That Dare Not Hunt by Day by award-winning author Scott O'Dell is historical fiction set in Europe during the 1500s. In this Christian fiction book Tom Barton and his uncle Jack are smugglers who are used to breaking the law. With quick wits and secret cargo holds, they have managed to make a comfortable living.

    • The Journeyman

      The Journeyman


      The Journeyman by award-winning author Elizabeth Yates is historical fiction set in New Hampshire in the early 1800s. Jared Austin arrives in New England with the skills of an itinerant painter, and he hopes to brighten the drab farmhouse walls with his colors. But the year has been a fruitless one for farmers, and they are searching for someone to blame.

    • The Man You Could Be

      The Man You Could Be


      In the Bible study The Man You Could Be, Paul W. Downey draws practical lessons from the struggles and successes of Joshua, a young man who became all that he could be for God. Young Christian men sometimes think that becoming godly happens suddenly and without warning at the age of eighteen or twenty-one or even older.

    • The Mystery at Number 31, New Inn

      The Mystery at Number 31, New Inn


      The Mystery at Number 31, New Inn, a classic mystery by R. Austin Freeman, relates a puzzling tale from an earlier century. In the grand tradition of the great sleuths brought to life by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle comes John Thorndyke, cerebral, meticulous, British.

    • The Old Man in the Corner

      The Old Man in the Corner


      In The Old Man in the Corner, a classic mystery by Baroness Orczy, an old man in a tea shop gives reporter Polly Burton detailed accounts of several unsolved murders and robberies, presenting his own indisputable solution to each mystery. Fascinated by the old man's odd habits and sharp wit, Polly begins to realize that clear and logical thinking is the most powerful weapon available to a detective or a murderer.

    • The Red House Mystery

      The Red House Mystery


      The Red House Mystery is a classic mystery by A.A. Milne, set in a British mansion with an abundance of characters and curious clues. When the body of Mr. Mark Ablett’s brother Robert is discovered in the study of the Red House, Antony Gillingham and his friend Bill decide to investigate. As they hunt for clues, Antony realizes that the murderer is still in the house, and it could be anyone.This JourneyForth classic is a light abridgement of the original novel.

    • The Seventh One

      The Seventh One


      In The Seventh One, a fiction by Elizabeth Yates, Tom Wilson passes through life possessing in turn seven dogs. Each of these "best friends" comes with its own gift, such as comfort when Tom feels life’s deepest wound and purpose when it’s time to move ahead. Bre’er, Tag, Laird, Dawn, Victor, Nell, and Una are all very different dogs, and in these heartwarming tales of their lives, each dog offers Tom love in a different way.

    • The Wonderful Chair

      The Wonderful Chair


      The Wonderful Chair offers a collection of fairy tales within a fairy tale. Snowflower lives in an enchanted world full of fairies, amazing stories, kings and queens, and princes and princesses.

    • This Dear-Bought Land

      This Dear-Bought Land


      Considered too young and too scrawny to be of much use, David Warren sails aboard the Susan Constant for the new colony of Virginia. But the New World isn’t quite the adventure the colonists hoped for. Swamp fever, brutal winters, gnawing starvation, and unexpected enemies plague the colony of Jamestown.

    • What About Cimmaron?

      What About Cimmaron?


      In What About Cimmaron, a Christian youth fiction by Lauraine Snelling, Sarah loves living in the pristine Toutle Valley with her parents, her sister Kathy, and her horse, Cimmaron. They are all used to occasional tremors from nearby Mount St. Helens.

    • What's Stopping You?

      What's Stopping You?


      What’s Stopping You?, written by Nathan Thomas, is a Christian living book for teens. Sin, fear, and discouragement often prevent Christian youth from moving forward for God. They stumble over the same obstacles again and again; and though they ask for forgiveness every time, they become discouraged, afraid to move forward lest they fall.

    • Zoli's Legacy

      Zoli's Legacy


      Zoli’s Legacy by Dawn L. Watkins is historical fiction for Christian teens based on the true story of Zoltán Gaal who escaped from Hungary in the years between the two world wars. In this Christian fiction novel Zoli’s story begins with his childhood veiled in despair.