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    • Youth Classics

      Youth Classics


      Classic stories for children from ancient to modern times.

    • Fingerprint Classics

      Fingerprint Classics


      YA mysteries solved with logic and reasoning.

    • Missionary Stories

      Missionary Stories


      Stories of faithful men and women who followed the Great Commission to the ends of the earth.

    • India's Street Kid Series

      India's Street Kid Series


      Fiction for young adult readers - Jasmina must learn to survive the dangers on the streets of India.

    • A Sparrow Alone

      A Sparrow Alone


      Alicia Petersen’s historical fiction book A Sparrow Alone is set in first century Jerusalem. The lives of two Jewish teens are changed forever by the malicious death of their parents at the hands of soldiers in Roman-occupied Jerusalem. Seventeen-year-old Mala sews for the wives of Roman aristocrats and seeks comfort in the hope of a coming Messiah; her older brother Abdon is consumed with anger and joins a renegade band committed to acts of treachery.

    • Avery's Battlefield

      Avery's Battlefield


      Avery’s Battlefield, by Deanna K. Klingel, is a historical fiction novel for young adults about a boy, a dog, and their search for peace in the first years of the Civil War. Avery and his dog, Gunner, have a good life in Kanawha Valley—a loving family, a prosperous farm, and a warm community of friends.

    • Avery's Crossroad

      Avery's Crossroad


      Avery’s skills as a doctor and his dog Gunner’s friendly personality make the pair a welcome sight to the soldiers in the Civil War hospitals. But mending wounds is not the only challenge Avery faces. Dwindling supplies, insufficient medical facilities, and local troublemakers add to the stress of the war.

    • BJ BookLinks: Children of the Storm (guide only)

      BJ BookLinks: Children of the Storm (guide only)


      Children of the Storm is an autobiography of Natasha Vins which reveals the struggles and triumphs of her faith in God amidst the persecution and hardships of growing up in the Soviet Union. In her teen years, Natasha begins to see doors close to those who remain faithful to Christ. Now she must count the cost and decide for herself whether she wants to pay the price.

    • Buying Samir

      Buying Samir


      Set in the world of international child slavery, Buying Samir is the second book in India’s Street Kid series by Kimberly Rae. Jasmina dreams of the day when her family will all be reunited. When missionaries Asha and Mark go on summer break, Jasmina leaves safety to search for Samir alone and discovers that her brother is now working for the men that once enslaved them.

    • Capturing Jasmina

      Capturing Jasmina


      Capturing Jasmina, fiction for young adult readers by Kimberly Rae, is the story of Jasmina, a young girl in India, and her brother, Samir. The children are sold by their father to a man promising them an education and good jobs. But, as Jasmina and Samir soon discover, the man is providing an education, not in a school, but as a slave in his sweatshop garment factory.

    • Careful Enough?

      Careful Enough?


      In Careful Enough?, a Christian fiction by Dillon Forbes, God calls Daniel’s parents to move to China, where missionaries are illegal, and establish a house church. Daniel has a choice: stay in America for his last year of high school or spend ten months in a country where he can say only the word "Christian" to trusted friends.

    • Children of the Storm

      Children of the Storm


      Children of the Storm is the autobiography of Natasha Vins whose father Georgi Vins was a leader in the underground church of the Soviet Union before the end of the Cold War. When Georgi is forced to spend time in hiding and in prison, Natasha looks to her beloved grandmother Babushka for guidance. In her teen years, Natasha begins to see that doors close to those who remain faithful to Christ.

    • Danger Follows

      Danger Follows


      In Danger Follows, Christian youth fiction by Goerky Smith, Jill Wyman’s trip with her parents across the South Pacific begins as an exciting sailboat adventure. But once they are underway, a series of mysterious incidents makes their voyage more and more hazardous. A stranger with cold, fishy eyes, the remains of a campfire on the island where they land, and a missing logbook all seem strangely and ominously connected.

    • Ellanor's Exchange

      Ellanor's Exchange


      Ellanor's Exchange by Linda Hayner is historical fiction set in the mid-1600s in England. When Ellanor Fitzhugh and her mentor, Lady Wilthrop, set out for London to accomplish Ellanor's debut into society, it would seem the young woman has the world at her command. But as the two join the music and gaiety of English court life, a dark shadow creeps across their plans.

    • False Coin, True Coin

      False Coin, True Coin


      False Coin, True Coin by Lois Hoadley Dick is a historical fiction novel set in seventeenth-century London. It is the story of John Bunyan, a prisoner in the jailhouse of Cissy Nidd’s father. His crime is preaching, but in Cissy’s mind this is hardly a crime worthy of imprisonment.

    • Fantasy



      Exciting and dangerous adventures of bravery, loyalty, and family that stir imaginations.

    • Gratefully Yours

      Gratefully Yours


      In Gratefully Yours, Rand Hummel asks one of life’s essential questions: What do you need to know to live and die happy and fulfilled? The first twelve chapters of the book of Romans give you the secret to a contented life. Romans 1–3 will shake you up—show you how wicked and miserable we humans really are. Chapters 4–11 are all about God’s grace and the deliverance He offers.

    • Gunner's Run

      Gunner's Run


      World War II is the setting for Gunner’s Run, a historical fiction novel for teens by Rick Barry. Nineteen-year-old Jim Yoder is an ocean away from his childhood home in Elkhart, Indiana, and his pretty friend, Margo Lace. He is serving in the United States Air Corps as a waist gunner flying on a B-24 high above the battlefield.

    • Hue and Cry

      Hue and Cry


      Hue and Cry by award-winning author Elizabeth Yates takes place in the 1830s in New Hampshire. Melody Austin can neither hear nor speak, but she takes great pleasure in the beauty she finds while exploring the woods near her parents' farm. One day she discovers that a young Irish boy is hiding nearby, and although she cannot talk to him, she befriends him, covertly taking him food and provisions for his horse.

    • I.D.— Who Am I in Christ?

      I.D.— Who Am I in Christ?


      I.D.— Who Am I in Christ? by Natalie Durso is a Bible study for teen girls.

    • In Search of Honor

      In Search of Honor


      In Search of Honor is historical fiction by Donnalynn Hess set in the late 1700s during the violent days of the French Revolution. This Christian fiction for teens tells of young Jacques Chenier who is trapped in a prison stronger than the Bastille, a prison of bitterness. Jacques wants revenge for his father, his mother, his fellow artisans, and for himself.

    • Jewel Cases

      Jewel Cases


      Jewel Cases is a collection of mystery stories by such authors as Arthur Morrison and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. These five classic stories of varying styles all share a similar theme: jewel theft. Elegant toys.

    • Kiriath's Quest

      Kiriath's Quest


      In Kiriath’s Quest, fantasy fiction by Rick Barry, King Jekoniah of Xandria is kidnapped by evil Grishnaki, and the royal family must find a way to save him. The desired ransom is impossible, and an outright war on the Grishnaki would end in disaster—so Prince Kiriath undertakes a secret mission into the Grishnaki’s valley. But danger slows the prince's journey, and as the ransom deadline approaches, Kiriath begins to wonder whether he will reach his father in time.

    • Men of Iron

      Men of Iron


      In Men of Iron, classic fiction by Howard Pyle, young Myles Falworth has gained a reputation for courage and independence while training at the castle of the great Earl of Mackworth. But one day he discovers that his blind father had been condemned for treason and is still being hunted by a powerful enemy close to the King. Does Myles dare to risk ordeal by battle to win back his family’s honor? This JourneyForth classic is a light abridgement of the original novel.

    • Moose



      Moose, Christian fiction by Deb Brammer, brings to life all the excitement and struggles of a teen Bible camp, including rivalry, pranks, wild animals, and especially people problems. One of Cody’s biggest problems is Moose. Moose is a miracle, a huge, clumsy, honest miracle.

    • Nothing Daunted: The Story of Isobel Kuhn

      Nothing Daunted: The Story of Isobel Kuhn


      Nothing Daunted: The Story of Isobel Kuhn by Gloria Repp is a biography of Isobel Kuhn, a pioneer Christian missionary to China. This biography for teens begins in British Columbia where young Isobel Miller is struggling to find either satisfaction in life or a way out of life. Eventually her search led her to a personal and soul-satisfying faith in Jesus Christ.

    • Out of Darkness

      Out of Darkness


      Out of Darkness is historical fiction written by Alicia Petersen and set in Jerusalem in the first century. This Christian fiction book tells the story of a twelve-year-old Jewish boy, Elhanan, whose mother is dying. Elhanan wants to buy her a gift with money he has earned himself, thinking such a gift will raise her spirits and hasten her recovery.

    • Professor Van Dusen: The Thinking Machine

      Professor Van Dusen: The Thinking Machine


      Jacques Futrelle’s classic mystery, Professor Van Dusen: The Thinking Machine, introduces us to a determined, often impatient, and self-absorbed professor, also known as The Thinking Machine, who insists that logic will solve any problem. In this collection of ten stories, he more than proves his assertion.

    • Regina Silsby's Phantom Militia

      Regina Silsby's Phantom Militia


      Thomas J. Brodeur’s historical fiction saga continues in Regina Silsby’s Phantom Militia. The British army’s worst nightmare becomes a reality when rumors spread that the legendary ghost, Regina Silsby, has returned to defend pre-Revolution Boston.

    • Regina Silsby's Secret War

      Regina Silsby's Secret War


      Rachel Winslow didn’t mean to spark the legend of Regina Silsby. After witnessing the Boston Tea Party, Rachel is chased into a nearby cemetery by British troops. When the spooked soldiers are unable to find her, they believe they were attacked by the ghost of Regina Silsby.