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Our Textbooks

BJU Press Textbook Kits contain everything you need to successfully teach your child. Lessons in the student text are rooted in sound academic research and are presented in a format children can relate to. The teacher’s edition is the essential guide that supports the parent by providing instructions, fun activities, additional explanation, and much more.

Lesson Previews

Textbook Features

Biblical Worldview
BJU Press textbooks demonstrate how all subjects help us understand the world and the work God has given us in it. When your child sees how the subjects he is learning will help him take the place God has for him, a sense of purpose emerges that creates a desire to learn and share.
Multiple Learning Styles
Children will take different roads to success in learning. When one way is fast for some, it may be locked or laborious for others. We build multiple teaching approaches into each lesson so that you can easily guide your child to his best learning destination.
Complete K3–12 Core Curriculum
BJU Press provides learning materials for all core subjects from K3 to Grade 12, including Bible courses and other elective opportunities.
Making Learning Fun
We have an outstanding team of artists that fill our textbooks with brilliant illustrations. We also use puzzles, games, and other playful activities. These are great, but the real enjoyment comes from accessible challenges and real achievements.
Age-appropriate Lessons
BJU Press textbooks divide concepts into grade levels to help ensure that the content being learned is age and developmentally appropriate for your child. Each grade provides the background structure of knowledge and information that your child needs in order to move on to the next.
Rich Learning, Critical Thinking and Application
The application questions, experiments, and hands-on learning activities throughout BJU Press textbooks help children connect what they are learning to the real world. Critical-thinking questions help children build understanding by challenging them to evaluate claims and make reasoned judgments.

A Typical Day Using Our Textbooks

When homeschooling younger children, you will spend more time with them. Your Teacher’s Edition will guide you through questions to ask before, during, and after reading their textbooks. There will usually be a couple of exercises for you to work through with your children before giving them a larger assignment from a worktext or activity manual to do on their own.

As your children grow, you can expect them to read assignments and complete activities on their own. You will still need to provide some teaching and grading for your children.

What’s Inside?

sample textbook pages
Student Text
The student text or worktext emphasizes the truth of scripture as it relates to every subject. Concepts are brought to life through activities, demonstrations, and real-world examples. Colorful maps, charts, photos, and illustrations help make learning interesting and fun.
Teacher’s Edition
Your BJU Press Teacher’s Editions are packed with extras to fully support you in your homeschooling whether you have a hands-on learner, a reader, or a listener.
Activity Manual
Some subjects include an Activity Manual which contains learning activities as well as study guides to review concepts for mastery and test preparation.
BJU Press test questions are designed to accurately measure your child’s progress and to promote critical thinking. Our tests reinforce the material in the student text with a variety of types of questions including multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and essay.
Look Inside
  • Phonics and English 1
  • Reading 3
  • Math 3
  • Spelling 3
  • Heritage Studies 4
  • Science 6
  • Earth Science
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Explorations in Literature
  • American Republic
  • Writing & Grammar


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