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Grade 12 Online with Books

BJU Press
Online Video Course
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BJU Press

Grade 12 Video Course

Lease a Grade 12 Online Kit and get access to all the following video courses:

  • Economics surveys basic economic topics, focusing on a biblical view of stewardship.
  • American Government analyzes the foundations, levels and branches of American government with special emphasis on the US Constitution.
  • Writing & Grammar 12 reviews the writing process as well as grammar and mechanics.
  • British Literature traces chronologically through British literature from the 700s to the present, focusing on four major literary periods: the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Age of Revolution, and the Age of Reform.
  • Pre-calculus is a continuation of topics covered in Algebra 2, including trigonometry, polynomials, functions and their inverses, equations, and complex numbers.
  • Physics introduces classical mechanics, periodic motion and wave theory, quantum physics, nuclear physics, and more.