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Homeschool Resources

Are you homeschooling with BJU Press and need help planning your lessons and homeschool days? Our homeschool lesson plans and free homeschool resources support parents homeschooling with BJU Press materials. Teacher editions come with a lesson plan overview for planning support, and additional planning and record-keeping tools are available through the BJU Press Homeschool Hub.

Homeschool Lesson Plan Overviews

Lesson plan overviews for your BJU Press curriculum streamline planning by laying out each lesson and what will be covered in a simple, easy-to-read format. They help you plan by laying out

  • the lesson numbers in order,
  • the page numbers for that lesson in the teacher edition,
  • the page numbers for that lesson in the student edition or worktext, and
  • the lesson objectives for that day.

Find the lesson plan overview for your materials.

How do you access your homeschool lesson plans?

Homeschool lesson plans are found in our teacher editions. If you have purchased an online video curriculum, you can access your teacher editions on the BJU Press Homeschool Hub. Digital overviews of each lesson are available on our website, the Hub, or at the front of each printed teacher edition.

Homeschool Resources to Help You Begin Your Homeschool Journey

We offer a variety of resources to help you start homeschooling confidently with the tools for success.

On our Homeschool Blog, we offer articles and insight on the homeschooling journey. Sign up for our e-News to get our blog roll each month!

Free Homeschool Resources on the Homeschool Hub

The BJU Press Homeschool Hub gives free access to many valuable homeschool resources, but the Hub is so much more than a resources library. You’ll be able to access additional support materials as well as use a number of planning and record keeping tools to keep your homeschool organized and on track. On the Hub, you’ll find

  • Toolkit CD files—These files are available digitally on the Hub under the course resources for all parent-led courses.
  • Additional support files—The course resources for parent-led courses also give you access to support materials for newer courses that do not include a Toolkit CD.
  • Lesson plans—The Hub turns the lesson plan overviews into a complete assignment schedule for your year.
  • Grade tracking—Assignments on the Hub may be assigned a grade, which will be saved and tracked online.
  • Reporting—As lessons are completed and grades assigned, the Hub allows you to generate reports on lessons that were completed and grades earned.

Visit the Homeschool Hub to create an account!

Looking for our CD?

We have moved a wealth of teacher resources from our physical cd’s to our various online platforms. If you have an account on our Homeschool Hub, follow these steps to access your resources:

  • Confirm that you have selected and assigned individual courses to each of your students.
  • Select “Courses” from the left-hand menu.
  • Locate the course with the resources you wish to access and select “Details”.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select “Course Resources”.
  • From there, you will have access to multiple tools created for that course.

We are thrilled to offer you multiple additional resources to enhance your content delivery and homeschool instruction. Our hope is that these tools empower you as you educate the next generation for the glory of God.