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The Academy of Home Education
AHE Homeschool family at student's graduation.

Support for Your Homeschool Reporting Needs

The BJU Press Academy of Home Education provides homeschool families with support and encouragement by offering homeschool record keeping and homeschool accreditation. Enrollment with the Academy of Home Education gives you proof and recognition of academic excellence with access to an accredited homeschool diploma and a homeschool transcript.

Benefits of Enrollment in the Academy of Home Education

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  • Elementary and high school record keeping
  • Homeschool transcript service
  • Report cards
  • Graduation ceremony
  • Homeschool diploma
  • Standardized testing and support
  • Non-accredited support
  • And much more!

Our team guarantees a hands-on, compassionate, and responsive level of support for your homeschool journey.

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Accreditation with the Academy of Home Education

The Academy of Home Education now offers enrollment with accreditation. Homeschool accreditation and receiving an accredited homeschool transcript or diploma gives additional proof that your children are receiving an academically excellent education that can unlock future opportunities.

While educational accreditation is not a requirement for most students, in some cases there may be a need for a student to have an accredited transcript. We are pleased to now be able to offer accreditation to those who need or prefer to have accreditation.

Enrollment Costs

Enrollment includes a $75–125 application fee and a $249 (non-accredited) or $399 (accredited) administrative fee. You won’t find a better value!

Home Education Philosophy

The AHE team recognizes parents as the final authority on their children’s education. To help us offer accurate transcripts and proof of academic excellence, please consider our philosophy and approach to teaching.

How to become an accredited homeschool with the Academy of Home Education

  1. Submit an application for your Grade 1–12 student and check “Enroll with Accreditation” (please note additional costs for application fees and administrative fees).
  2. Have your student take a standardized test and a cognitive abilities test (depending on grade level).
  3. Consult with an AHE guidance counselor regarding planned electives, dual credit opportunities (juniors and seniors only), and any scheduling concerns.
  4. Purchase BJU Press materials (either parent led or video lessons) for English language arts, math, science, history, and Bible.
  5. Plan to submit regular grade reports, completed tests, and essays to the online portal.

Learn more about homeschool accreditation on our blog or visit our FAQs.