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Grade 9 Online with Books

BJU Press
Online Video Course
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BJU Press

Grade 9 Video Course

Lease a Grade 9 Online Kit and get access to all the following video courses:

  • Cultural Geography provides a survey of both geographic principles and every country of the world through a regional approach.
  • Writing & Grammar 9 emphasizes grammar skills, beginning with sentence patterns and going on to the eight parts of speech, phrases, and clauses.
  • Fundamentals of Literature teaches the student literary analysis by discussing six literary elements: conflict, character, theme, point of view, structure, and tone.
  • Algebra 1 introduces basic algebraic skills in a logical order, including relations, functions, graphing, systems of equations, radicals, factoring polynomials, rational equations, probability and statistics, and quadratic functions.
  • Physical Science inspires your student to view matter and energy as the building blocks of God’s creation.

What's Included

When you purchase the Grade 9 Video Course Online Kit, you receive:

  • Essential textbooks for each course. (Check the Contents tab for the full list.)
  • ETextbooks for Cultural Geography, Algebra 1, Physical Science and Fundamentals of Literature. (These will be available when you log in to
  • Access to for video lesson streaming (you will receive an email prompting you to set up your account).