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FAQs - Textbooks


How do BJU Press textbooks compare with other publishers?

Our textbooks are written from a well-rounded and proven philosophy of education. We believe that the best way to help a child learn is to help him understand what he is learning—not having him simply memorize the information.

All of our textbooks are also thoroughly biblically integrated. That does not mean that we have randomly entered Bible verses. We have a team of individuals devoted to making sure that the Bible is properly referenced and indicated in texts for each subject and at every grade level.

Are your textbooks accredited?

Textbooks cannot be accredited. Only schools can be accredited.


Why is the Teacher Edition considered essential?

  1. It shows how to use each subject correctly.
  2. It is the foundational piece of the program from which all the activities and lesson plans originate.
  3. It coordinates all of the pieces of each subject.
  4. It provides a wealth of background information, resource materials, additional activities, and suggestions on how to teach the material.

Where can I find the CD that usually comes with the teacher edition?

We have formally discontinued the CDs previously included with the teacher editions. You can find the resources previously included on those CDS on the Homeschool Hub.

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