FAQs - General


In order for a child to be considered “homeschooled,” the majority of his education must be privately funded and provided at home rather than in a traditional classroom setting. Students whose education is home-based but provided by a publicly funded school would not be considered “homeschooled” for the purposes of these tests.

The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) lists federal and state requirements related to homeschooling and testing. Visit the HSLDA website for more information specific for your state.

Testing is available year-round, although some states stipulate deadlines for testing and score reporting. Children's scores are compared to standardized scores for that time of year (based on when tests arrive in our office for scoring). This means that a child testing at the beginning (Fall) of 4th grade would be compared to other children who were also beginning 4th grade. The Norms Period/Norms Week on the results report will indicate the time of year used for calculating scores.

BJU Press Testing & Evaluation will not make this information available to other organizations without your consent. The student’s demographic information will be accessible to only the person/group who placed the order and those to whom this information is given. Further information on how we handle information is available here in our privacy policy.

IOWA (Spring Testing)*

  • K5–Grade 2 (Levels 5–8) must each be administered separately by grade and may not be grouped.
  • Grades 3–8 (Levels 9–14) may be administered together.†
  • Grades 9–12 (Levels 15–18) may be administered together.

†Please note that the Level 9 test contains two subtests, Word Analysis and Listening. These will need to be administed apart from the other levels.

Stanford (Spring Testing)*

  • K5–Grade 3 (SESAT2–Pri3) must each be administered separately by grade and may not be grouped.
  • Grades 4–6 (Int1–Int3) may be administered together with minor modifications.†
  • Grades 7–8 (Adv1–Adv2) may be administered together with minor modifications.†
  • Grades 9–12 (TASK1–TASK3) may be administered together.

*For fall testing, please refer to the test level rather than the grade level.

†Please note that the Listening subtest must be administered to each grade level separately.

Yes, we provide a variety of practice and test prep materials.

Because these tests are designed to be an objective measure of a child’s achievement, they are presented in a multiple-choice format.

The in-house scoring software BJU Press used to score these tests is no longer available. The Stanford 10 is available in its paper/pencil format but is now being offered with Pearson’s scoring service. Because of the extended turnaround this causes in scoring the Stanford 10, we recommend the Iowa Assessments or the Stanford 10 Online.