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Online Testing

Iowa Assessments Form E tests have updated questions and compare your students with newer norms so that they can be more accurately assessed. The test booklets also have full-color illustrations.

Test Details


The Iowa Assessments cover a wide range of skills and knowledge. For a full list of subtests and testing times, please see our Timing Tablepdf document.


Some forms have restrictions (embargoes) in certain states. For the most up-to-date information, please check our list of state restrictions.


The Cognitive Abilities Test Form 7 is now available for homeschool as a combination package with Iowa Assessments.


  • College readiness scores (Grades 6 and Up)
  • Norm-referenced scores: Standard Score, Grade Equivalent, Stanine, and National Percentile Rank
  • Lexile® Framework for Reading and Quantile® Framework for Mathematics
  • Graphed achievement percentiles
  • Content cluster skills evaluations
  • Skills performance ratings
  • Score interpretation brochure

Sample Results:

CogAT users also receive a CogAT Profile Narrative and Achievement Profile Narrative with Predicted NPR Scorespdf document

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