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Testing & Evaluation

FAQs - Results


Iowa Assessments™: Once we receive your completed tests and required paperwork, results will generally be available to you online within 10 business days. (Allow 2 extra weeks in May and June.) We will send an email to you as soon as the results are posted online.

Stanford 10: Results for Stanford 10 paper/pencil tests are generally available in 6–8 weeks after materials arrive at BJU Press. Due to the nature of this scoring process, we cannot expedite Pearson’s scoring services.

Achievement test scores can indicate possible areas of academic weakness; however, test results should never be used as the sole determiner for any educational decision.

The Stanford GE sometimes lists PHS, that stands for Post High School. This means your child earned a Scaled Score that is higher than what most 12th graders earn. This does not mean your child is ready for college-level material. The higher your child's GE, the more thoroughly he has mastered the material in his current grade.

Physical tests/data files will be maintained in storage at BJU Press for six months following scoring. If you have questions regarding accuracy of individual or group reports, please contact our office within this timeframe.

BJU Press does not store Stanford 10 paper/pencil test documents received after June 30, 2022. These documents are sent to Pearson and are not retrievable.

No, results are accessible only for the ordering account and those to whom the ordering account permits this information to be seen.

Should your state require you to file scores, it is your responsibility to submit them to your state. If you have questions about your state’s requirements, we recommend your visiting the HSLDA website.

Results from previous years can be posted online to the purchaser's account free of charge. If you need results to be mailed or emailed, please call us for specific pricing details.