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Testing & Evaluation

Homeschool Online Testing from the Comfort of Your Home

BJU Press is pleased to provide for your homeschool online testing needs with Iowa Assessments® and Stanford 10 testing options. You can complete standardized testing from the comfort of your own home and without needing to acquire approved tester status or find an approved tester near you. BJU Press online testing is your solution for your homeschool testing needs!

Benefits of BJU Press Online Testing

  • Fast results. Once testing has been completed, you should receive scores in 5-7 business days.
  • Fewer requirements. You will not need to become an approved Iowa Assessments or Stanford 10 tester or find a tester near you. You will only need to guarantee that an adult (18 years or older) will be present with the student as a proctor.
  • Year-round testing. Test your students any time of the year.
  • No shipping costs, delays, or damages; and no visits to the Post Office!

Standardized Achievement Test Measurements

Test publishers (Riverside Insights™ for Iowa Assessments and Pearson for Stanford 10 tests) design standardized achievement tests to measure students’ knowledge and reasoning in specific academic subjects. These tests can help parents ensure students are keeping up with their peers.

Achievement Testing with Abilities Testing

Customers may order Iowa Assessments Form E, Grades 3–12, in combination with the Cognitive Abilities Test™ Form 7. An abilities test measures student thinking skills to show how children learn and to compares students’ abilities to their achievement.

Publisher Restrictions

BJU Press upholds each of the publisher’s standards, restrictions, and expectations for the completion of their tests.

  • Standardized tests may not be used as practice for any other standardized achievement test. Therefore, students may not take an achievement test within 3 months of taking another achievement test.
  • Public school students may not be tested through BJU Press. BJU Press is authorized to provide online testing services to homeschoolers and conventional schools only.
  • Embargoed tests may not be administered in certain states.
    • The following restrictions apply to Form E and/or Form 7 tests. If you live in a restricted area, please consider using Iowa’s Form C or Stanford tests instead.

    • Iowa Assessments™ Form E and CogAT® Form 7 restrictions listed by state (for homeschools)

    • Areas are subject to change at the test publisher's discretion.

    • At this time, there are no restrictions in the U.S. for Iowa Assessments Form E or CogAT Form 7 for homeschools or private schools.

See each test publishers Online Testing User Agreement for specific restrictions and requirements.

Ordering Online Testing

To order BJU Press online testing, select your test publisher and the appropriate grade level for your student. Review the available testing dates before checkout to ensure that a date fitting your schedule is available to schedule your testing.

Be prepared to give the name, email address, and active phone number of your adult proctor (the proctor may be a parent, legal guardian, or other interested party) when you place your order.

BJU Press testing provides test administration fitting publisher requirements and most state requirements. If you are unsure about your state’s requirements, please see our testing FAQs.