Time ranges listed below indicate the days (or weeks) in transit after an order is shipped. All shipping options will receive priority processing—the order should ship within 2 business days—unless otherwise noted.

Domestic Shipping

Standard shipping to the United States, including military and territories, is automatically included at no extra cost.

See the Priority Shipping chart below if you need to upgrade from standard shipping.

Priority Shipping

  Continental US APO/FPO
Estimated Transit Time 1-day Air 2-day Air Express Mail (1-3 days)*
under $250 value 30% ($50 minimum) 20% ($30 minimum) 40% ($35 minimum)
$250–$1000 value 25% 15% 20%
over $1000 value 15% 10% 10%

*Time to APO/FPO exit port.

                                               AK, HI, Trust Territories
Estimated Transit Time 1-day Air 2-day Air
under $250 value 35% ($60 minimum) 25% ($50 minimum)
$250–$1000 value 30% 20%
over $1000 value 25% 15%

Picking up an Order

Testing & Evaluation orders are available for pickup at the BJU Press Customer Service front desk. Please allow a minimum of 2 business days for the tester to pick up the order.

International Shipping (Standard and Priority)

Canada International
Estimated Transit Time   Estimated Transit Time  
USPS (Standard, 7 days)* 25% ($20 minimum) USPS (Standard, 2–3 weeks) 35% ($25 minimum)
UPS (Priority, 2–7 days, add GST) 45% ($45 minimum) UPS (Priority, 2–7 days) 50% ($65 minimum)

* U.S. Mail; the customer is responsible for brokerage and GST